R4 SDHC and EZ Flash From NDS Gear

The world of space is constantly shrinking and you can carry tons of data in your pocket. Gone are the days when you would need to carry a book to read on your journeys, a separate mp3 player for music, and a laptop for your movies and a gaming console to play games. Now all that has been compressed into an incredibly small space through the Nintendo DS consoles and the R4 SDHC adapters which have a slot for MicroSD cards from 2 Gb to 32 Gb which literally means all your music, some movies, thousands of pictures and e-Books along with tens of your favorite games, supported by a sleep user friendly console.

The R4 SDHC is the first media adapter that supported 8GB starting a mad rush from those who wished to exploit its potential. This accepted high memory cards but the loading time was slightly slower at 6 – 8 seconds. However, with time this was renovated and the loading time has been cut down to around 4 minutes. The consoles of the R4i SDHC and R4 SDHC are pretty much similar and compatible with the DSi and DSi XL models from Nintendo. This is the ultimate accessory for DSi that literally has everything and the newest flash card in town with some wonderful features.

The EZ flash is another card that is fully compatible with the DSI V1.4 along with full support for all the features. Costing around 30 dollars it is an economical card for all the functionalities it delivers. The EZ flash comes with an interface very similar to the advanced PDA that is sleek and attractive. It is easy to use software too. The new DSi and the old fat NDS both are good for the EZ Flash. The technology of these flash cards ensures that you don’t have to patch files, use passkeys or flash your system anymore.

It uses a really advanced Slot 1 technology which makes connecting very easy. So you can stop worrying about the patching and care more about your favorite games and what is being released in the latest circles of homebrew games. You can now pick up the best ones, download them and be entertained. The EZ flash has some power packed features of multimedia access which means there are no more limitations of constraints of space on what you can carry around with you and what you cannot.

One of the pioneers of the flash card industry, the reliability, performance and ease of use of the EZ flash is what is making it one of the best available. This enhances your gaming experiences to limits you were never aware of with amazing support and service. It has a fully compatible NDS solution which makes it equally brilliant with the older Nintendo units, such as the very first DS model of Nintendo and DS Lite to the latest DSi units which have captured the markets. These high capacity, high speeds, highly compatible cards have truly redefined the culmination point of flash cards and multimedia and gaming experiences.

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