Dentists Need Love Too

Dentists and other health care professionals build their reputation on word of mouth advertising, which can take several years to build. If you are just starting out in a new area, creating a dental promotion campaign can help build that initial client base much faster.

The concepts of marketing are usually foreign to most dental professionals since their main focus of the course of their career has been focused on developing their knowledge and skills around periodontal care.

If you establishing a new practice, developing a base marketing plan is one of the areas you must also be somewhat astute in so that your client base can be developed and nurtured. Some practices will put out flyer campaigns or door knockers to get the word out. This works pretty well, but can be costly over the long haul.

Creating an online presence is one of the areas that have become increasingly popular over the years as the dependence of internet based usage increases among households. Having a professional looking web site is a must have in your marketing portfolio.

Unfortunately, many professionals elect to have a standard looking site that essentially looks like the rest of the world without much more than a basic listing of services and static contact info.

Unfortunately, this may not be enough when a prospective client who has moved into the area is looking for a place to go when they need to get proper dental care.

4 Things that should be included in your new web site might include:

Client testimonials - As clients become more established, your ability to ask for their feedback is a easy way to begin creating a sense of community for others in the area. Testimonials are an simple way to create effortless marketing content that can help jettison your credibility and client list as others read this information.
Develop an online blog that contains the obvious tips for good periodontal care, but also add new techniques, technologies or services that your customers may find useful information as they peruse your new site.
Create a Promotional video – A small 60 second video can be created using a professional studio for less than the cost of one direct mail campaign. Using an unbiased spokesman touting your capabilities and experience can go a long way toward building an immediate impression for any new potential customers.
Develop an online Newsletter – Develop an online subscription capability that can push needed information to your client e-mail or twitter accounts.

In summary, even dentists need to cultivate a client base to survive. Developing a solid dental promotion strategy can help to generate new business and establish a level of credibility to new and existing patients.

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