Engraved Champagne Glasses for The End of Year Party

Just out of college I started working for a financial institution. I remember working very hard on our year end party. I recall being dumbstruck with the decor. Each table setting had engraved champagne glasses as a party favour for every invited guest to take home with them.

I have one of those glasses still today. It sits on my bar in my dining room.

Imagine how your clients would feel if you decided to give engraved champagne glasses to each of them at your company’s end of year party? How much “good will” would you show simply because you choose something that is a bit unique and classy?

Promotional crystal gifts have some of the strongest “staying power” of any gift you can give. I recently walked into the board room of one of my clients that had two engraved crystal glasses on display which they had received over a decade ago.

The company that gave them the engraved glasses was still getting brand recognition from those two glasses a full ten years later. What company would not want that type of return on investment?

It helps that crystal is great to display and catches the eye of anyone who is looking. It very easily helps to commemorate any type of special occasion and of course is a great promotional gift for any company party, including the year end party that most organisations hold.

You are of course not limited to end of year gatherings. Crystal can be engraved very easily with whatever message it is that you are trying to get across.

Perhaps you want some variety in the crystal that you give out to your clients or staff. The sky’s the limit. You may choose to start with engraved champagne glasses. Then you could follow this up with engraved decanters, engravers glasses or even engraved crystal bowls.

You are also not limited in what you have engraved. Engraving is easy and can usually meet whatever requirements you have. I recently scanned a map for a customer which followed the route of one of their roadshows. We then redrew the map and engraved it on some end of show crystal gifts.

Are you tired of giving the same old promotional gifts at your year end party? Do you want to say something special to those that have helped your business’s success this year? Clients love to know they are appreciated by you and your organisation. Engrave champagne glasses can really get that message across.

Think about crystal as your “thank you” at your end of year get together. You will love the reaction you get.

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