Brand Identity Scheme

A brand identity scheme starts with your logo and the pieces you use to market your business with consistency. A lot of experts have been telling small business owners that having this kind of system is very important, but almost always, they never give out the grounds for this recommendation.

If you already have a logo and other promotional pieces that convey a consistent marketing message, then getting a quicker return of investment and an increase in sales is not that difficult. This is because of the grounds on your need to have your own brand identity scheme and these include:

  • 1. To become a credible organisation.
  • Your business logo will make you appear professional and knowledgeable. These two elements alone will already work well towards cementing the credibility of your business. If you would like people to see as an authority in your industry, then establishing your reliability is the primary thing you need to do.

  • 2. To prove that you are an established business.
  • Professionally printed and designed marketing pieces and an exceptional logo will make people see your commitment not only to your business, but also to your clients and prospects. This will show them your stability as an organisation.

  • 3. To let people know that you are a business worth remembering.
  • It is a fact that some people, numbering to almost 50 percent, will remember things they’ve seen better compared to what they’ve read or heard. You should take advantage of this and use graphics on your logo and marketing pieces. Having these graphics consistently displayed on all of your marketing tools will result in placing your brand image on minds of your prospects, especially those who need the solutions you are offering.

  • 4. To be in the position to draw in a greater number of clients.
  • A company that has a well-defined brand identity attracts more prospects and customers. In fact, a number of them may rely on the appearance of a business before they decide to avail of its services or products. Because they will generally be impressed by promotional pieces that are professional-looking, ensure that your logo and other marketing pieces will prompt them to do business with you.

  • 5. To appear bigger than your business really is.
  • If you do not want to be seen as small-time, then do not give your target market the idea that you are. Even if you are operating a small business, go for marketing pieces that are designed and printed professionally. They may cost more, but the returns and profits they bring are more than worth it.

  • 6. To create a distinction for yourself in your industry.
  • When paired with a marketing plan that is strong and well set-up. Your exceptional logo and brand identity scheme will create a distinction for your business that is more than up to par. This makes sure that you stay a step ahead of your competition.

  • 7. To boost chances of doing business and the capability of getting more capital.
  • Presenting a package that encompasses everything about your business will show its being well rounded. If you have an outstanding logo and graphics-laden marketing materials, you will have a more complete appearance to your business.

    Another ground for your having a brand identity scheme for your business is to establish a solid brand for it. If you are in the service industry, you will definitely need a logo that will establish your brand image, so that it will appear bigger than your personal identity. Combined with all the other reasons for getting a system up for your business, this will definitely make your target market sit up and take notice.
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