Full Colour Post Cards

Postcards have been used since the second half of the nineteenth century as a quick, simple and cost effective way of conveying messages. Towards the end of that century they were popularised with geographical images and drawings, especially those showing ’seaside’ humour images.

Although fashions have changed and online communication gives the opportunity to send brief messages or information instantly, the postcard is as popular as ever it was in providing a medium to send brief, to the point messages or communication of a concise set of information.

Sending a post card is an eye-catching way to communicate a personal message or news. Post cards can be used as invitations, announcements and general greetings. They can convey news and additional information or can be simply a pleasing design on which to send your own wording.

News of many family events can be conveyed quickly and easily with a customised card – change of address, thank you, birth announcements, parties and events and more.

Cards can also be used to advertise events or facilities, both commercial and private and can be sent or distributed personally They can be used as advertising ‘fliers’ for businesses, placed in stands on counters in shops and other establishments or at exhibitions.

Postcards created by online postcard design services can be customised to different sizes, again making them a versatile addition to business marketing or an eye-catching addition to business or personal messages.

Online stationery suppliers offer postcard printing facilities, with many providing galleries of designs to choose from and personalise. Some site offer the facility for self-design, with options for customising the colour scheme and adding personal images which can uploaded onto the site. The reverse of the card can also be customised to give a traditional postcard format, plain or with text to maximise the space.

If you wish to use postcards for business purposes, make sure you are clear about the message you wish to convey, the audience and the timescale for design, print and circulation. All these factors may influence the decision making process and the ordering time line. Many online postcard printing services offer a convenient way to achieve all that is necessary to ensure that businesses are able to use this marketing tool efficiently and effectively.

If the cards are to be used for personal purposes, again, choosing the design, wording and overall ‘message’ that you wish to convey is important. The size of the card can be varied and the style custom made to reflect whether the information to be conveyed is serious or a light-hearted event or set of news – joyous, congratulatory or simply information.

Choosing an online postcard printing service is cost effective as they can provide a minimal quantity at an economical rate, while increasing the economy further with larger orders. The order can be placed easily and the cards received with the minimum of fuss in a reasonable timescale, right to one’s door. The postage costs can be kept to a minimum or, for a slightly increased postal rate, delivery timescales can be drastically reduced, with some offering next day delivery.

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