Design Ideas and Tips for Bakery Logos

Once you have decided to open up your own independent bakery or cake shop, one of the first things that you will need to organize is a logo design. In this article we look at the importance of cake shop and bakery logo design and we offer some ideas and tips on how to go about getting a design that is right for your business.

Why You Need a Great Looking Logo Design

There are many different kinds of bakeries and cake shops that target all sectors of the market. Once you have a good understanding of what kind of bakery or cake shop you want to be, and understand who your customers are you can then work on developing a brand.

A professional looking logo design is one of the key components of your brand development strategy. It can help to bring new customers into your shop and it can encourage existing customers to remember you and to return. It will help people to identify exactly what kind of bakery you are and it will help you to stand out against the competition.

A Variety of Uses

A bakery logo has to serve a variety of purposes. The most important uses for a bakery or cake shop are typically on signage and the bags or packaging that are used to sell products. Of secondary importance are business cards, advertising and other marketing purposes.

Common Images on Logos for Bakeries

It is helpful if people can quickly glance at your logo and immediately determine that you are a bakery or cake shop. The best way to do this is to use an image or symbol that is related to baking. The problem with this approach though is that some images such as a bakers hat, a cake or a loaf of bread have really been overdone and would make it difficult for your logo to be truly original. However, a talented designer should be able to put a unique angle on one of these cliched images and come up with something that looks fresh.

Look at a variety of bakery logos and you will soon get an idea of what works well. Aside from the obvious, some bakeries have gone for images that match their name or their location. Some bakeries that focus on a certain theme such as ‘French’ or ‘Italian’ bakeries have a logo that enhances their theme.

Usage of Color

A good designer will keep color usage to a minimum as this keeps a logo simple and reduces printing expenses for bags, packaging and promotional materials. Two colors is fine and three should be the maximum.

Bakeries typically stay away from brighter colors, preferring natural colors or pastel shades. Cake shops on the other hand tend to favor brighter colors. These colors relate to the products in general but there are no rules really when it comes to color and anything can work well if the overall design concept is sound.

A Font Can Send a Message

The style of lettering that is used on a logo is important as different styles can convey different messages about a business and its products. One thing that we picked up on with bakeries and cake shops is that they either brand themselves as being old fashioned or modern. There are some great old style cursive scripts that can convey the message that your shop sells baking just like grandma used to make. On the other hand, other more contemporary looking fonts can convey the message that your bakery or cake shop is modern, fashionable or organic.

Tips for Choosing a Designer

The best option for getting a logo design online is to use a custom logo company. With the custom approach you will get an original logo that is tailor made especially for your business. You also get input into the design process and can make alterations to your design until you are satisfied.

Most custom logo firms have extensive portfolios of their work on their websites. Check out their previous work for samples of bakery or other food and beverage industry logos to get an idea of what they are capable of.

Let your designers know who your main competitors are so that they can come up with some concepts that will stand out in your local market. Give them as many details as you can about your bakery or cake business and the kind of customers that you hope to attract.

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