Romantic Picnic Ideas for Your Inner City Lover

The Great Outdoors

Just a 30 minutes’ drive out of Atlanta Lake Lanier is the perfect spot for introducing your inner city lover to the joys of eating outdoors. Pack a basket full of his or her favourite nibbles and don’t forget to bring a portable, disposable barbeque. Kebabs are easily prepared and stored in a cooling box, so are marinated prawns.

Spread out a blanket or take a folding table and chairs – how far you go with the trimmings is entirely up to you. You can have a candlelit picnic by the shore of Lake Lanier after a day’s hiking or let your partner sleep off the week’s stress with a gentle breeze ruffling his hair while you’re on a boat sailing the lake.

Reluctant Travellers

Your romantic picnic idea might involve travelling further afield, but be sure to book an overnight stay, if you both like to have a little drink with your picnic. An economical way of travelling on weekend trips is to avoid restaurants and have your own impromptu picnic buying delicious locally produced foods. Surprise your reluctant traveller with a weekend away, perhaps camping in Black Rock Mountain State Park or even staying in a spa and golf resort for a special treat.

Stroll through hamlets in the Blue Ridge Mountains and buy a loaf of bread at a local bakery and perhaps some smoked meats at a butcher’s nearby. Taste the goodness of grapes from a vineyard in Georgia’s wine country and add them to your picnic of bread and cheese washed down with a bottle of local wine. Settle down next to a waterfall and listen to the birds tweet, while you munch locally bought cake or smoked fish you bought on your way to a lake.

Stroll hand in hand through orchards in the mountains and have a picnic of apples and sandwiches you got in a hidden hamlet in Amicola Falls State Park.

Staying at Home

Our cities offer great parks and open public spaces which lend themselves to ideal spots for romantic picnic ideas. Next weekend take your partner on a guided tour through your favourite part of town – perhaps the district you grew up in and have a picnic at a place that is special to you.

Sometimes local guides conduct themed tours. For a small charge they show us famous landmarks or places where famous people once lived. Why not make it your opportunity for a themed romantic picnic idea? Dress up in the style of your favourite era – perhaps the 1950s or the days of your and your partner’s youth.