Scoliosis Pain

Scoliosis is a condition whereby the spine curves in the shape of letters c or s. Once the specialist determines the degree of the curvature, using an instrument known as the cobb angle, they can advice on the required treatment. Scoliosis pain then results from this curving and is comparative to the degree of the spine curvature. Although the disease can affect people of all ages, its more common among children and teenagers.

It is also a hereditary condition likely to be affecting several people in the same family. The scoliosis pain can be either mild or very severe. For the mild cases, doctors recommend bracing as a method of treatment. For the severe cases, surgery is the most effective method of treatment. Generally, early detection of the condition allows early treatment before the curvature worsens.
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The severity of the disease depends on the degree of the curvature. The pain resulting from this may even cause paralysis and painful ribs. It may also be as a result in hernia at the shoulders. There are several signs that people must look for in their children to determine if they have the condition or not. These include

* Un balanced rib cage
* Irregular waist
* Unequal shoulders
* Hips not at the same level
* Head tilted at an angle
* Outstanding shoulder blades

Once you discover these signs, it is very wise to take your child to the specialist so that the He or She may diagnose the condition early enough. Doing exercises can also alleviate scoliosis pain. However, one must be very careful not to overburden their back taking into consideration any pain experienced during the physical activity. Apart from the exercises, several other things help one reduce pain. These include the following.

* One must avoid standing for long periods especially on concrete floors. Use of rubber mats on these floors is essential.
* If one is required to sit on a chair for a very long time, then supporting the lower back using a pillow or a rolled towel is vital.
* Lifting objects in the correct way also helps a lot. Do not strain the back instead, one should bend the knees first then squat.
* When climbing up on staircase and stepladders, take great precaution.
* One should stretch carefully every morning to help prevent strains and muscle jerks.
* Sleeping on very flat and firm beds can help people with these kinds of back pains. Lying flat on ones, back with knees bent above a firm cushion on such a bed, can help lessen the pain.
* Do not stay in one position for long instead try to change from sitting, standing, squatting, and even lying.
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The scoliosis disease is more common with girls than boys. Though its cause is not very well established, the only wise thing to do is to get an early diagnosis before things get out of hand. Scoliosis pain can become very severe and even lead to deformity. One should take great precaution in case they realize they are suffering from a back pain.

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