Short Term Health Insurance

If your life is currently in a time of transition and you want the peace of mind that your health is covered by an appropriate policy, short term health insurance can help ease your concerns about how to deal with the unexpected. This is a great way for people whose lives are in a state of flux for one reason or another to take out an insurance policy to cover yourself and/or your family.

Most short term health policies from New Zealand are available to non-residents coming to NZ to work, visit or study. They are essentially an inbound travel insurance designed to cover unexpected illness or injury that happens outside of your country of permanent residence.

These plans normally provide coverage from one to twelve months and can often be renewed for up to several years. This means that if you are unsure exactly how long you will need your insurance for, you can still be well covered and protected.

If you have any long term health issues, this is probably not the best cover for you, as pre-existing conditions will not normally be covered under this timeframe. Some pre-existing conditions can be covered for unexpected complications, but this is an option that should be checked with your insurer. The process for getting short term coverage however is really simple, and can sometimes be done over the phone with a credit card payment, which results in instant protection for you and/or your family.

Short term health insurance is perfect for the traveller or seasonal worker going into a new country but is also great for those individuals who are on non permanent work transfers and for anyone relocating before they settle somewhere permanent. For students studying overseas, arranging short term health insurance is strongly recommended and it can also be a good option for family members when they initially leave home, as it gives you extra coverage at a time when unexpected medical bills are not something you can budget for.

Short term health insurance is an option for anyone wanting peace of mind for a specific period of time, without being drawn into a long period of cover. You can allow yourself to relax, knowing that whatever health issues may come your way, you’ll be covered. You can find out more about short term cover online, a quick search on your search engine of choice will list a range of providers in New Zealand. Take the time to read through the various offerings and contact a consultant to find out more information.

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