PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Inflation – a word that describes price hike in products or services which have high demands from consumers and you couldn’t stop it from happening on dental treatments as such treatment costs rise on yearly basis. Therefore, having a dental insurance plan able to help you save some of the treatment costs and in some circumstances, you don’t have to bear all the dental treatment costs. As you know, every single cent counts – especially during the economic downturn, more consumers are aware of their spending and they start inculcating a frugal lifestyle. In fact, there are millions of Americans who don’t have dental insurance and haven’t sought a dental treatment in years.

If you belong to this category – individuals who have no dental insurance, it’s crucial that you should have one now. Your might have heard of Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) dental plans and it’s important to understand the pros and cons of these particular dental plans:


  • PPO plans normally cover several treatments including basic, surgical and preventive treatments
  • Generally, basic services comprises common dental treatments including root canal (endodontics) treatment, gum therapy (periodontics), fillings and routine extractions, manufactured stainless steel crowns, as well as denture readjustments and maintenance. On the other hand, preventive services such as oral examinations, cleanings, topical fluoride treatment, sealants and dental screenings (x-ray) are also covered by these particular plans. Crowns and bridgework – which are considered as major treatments, are commonly covered by most PPO plans.

  • Having the freedom of choosing a dentist that you prefer
  • In the competitive field of dentistry, you can choose any dentist that offers the lowest possible price for your dental treatment as long as they are the member of the PPO network.

  • Such plans normally cost less expensive than other indemnity dental plans
  • If you’re in a tight budget and you have other financial commitments, these PPO dental plans might be suitable for you as it is cheaper and affordable that other dental plans.

  • Easy to locate dentists who are members of the PPO network
  • Basically, you can look out for PPO-participating dentists at your area from internet directories or your insurance company.


  • Not all dentists provide PPO plans
  • If your dentist is not in the network of PPO dentists, your dental treatment is not covered by these particular dental plans – hence, you have to bear all the treatment costs on your own.

  • These particular dental plans offer less flexibility in accessing dental services and treatment costs
  • In some circumstances, most dentists would not service their clients if the insurance policy doesn’t reimburse for their dental services that they deliver. This usually creates a stir between the client and the dentist.

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