Do You Need Emergency Dental Insurance?

We continually procrastinate on caring for out dental health. You may tell yourself that delaying oral healthcare is virtually harmless. You might be thinking that affording ongoing dental care is out of your reach. Both these thoughts are untrue.

Why Are Regular Dental Visits So Important?

If you’re like thousands of Americans, you’ve been watching your pennies especially carefully these days. You’ve also been prioritizing your expenses, eliminating many luxuries and putting some of the necessities on the long-term “to do” list. Among this latter category is your dental care. The problem with bypassing care of your teeth and gums is that doing so can come back to bite you in a big way. And we’re not just talking about a painful toothache. Studies are now strongly suggesting a link between tooth decay and serious systemic diseases including strokes, heart problems, miscarriages, and even fatal blood clots. What starts in your mouth does not, as it turns out, stay in your mouth. Only ongoing attention from a dentist can ensure that your cavities and gum disease don’t have worse consequences. Recent research has also revealed that an adult can pass on the bacteria from his or her decaying teeth on to small children, thereby jeopardizing the dental health of the whole family. Clearly, procrastination is not an option for a conscientious person committed to his or her own health and that of the family.

What About Emergency Dental Insurance?

The stumbling block that many intelligent and concerned patients run up against is money. How are you going to afford the hefty bills, particularly if you have complex work that needs to be done? If you need emergency dental insurance, traditional plans may not be the solution. This is because they often require that patients wait for months and even years before they can receive treatments such as bridges, crowns, dentures, and even fillings. In addition, deductibles and premiums are often prohibitively high.

Another option open to some low income patients is Medicaid. Although some states provide help with the cost of dental care for Medicaid-eligible adults, many do not. Even if you are able to access dental treatment through Medicaid, you might have a very hard time finding a dentist who accepts it.

How Discount Dental Plans Can Provide Emergency Dental Insurance

Discount dental plans enable patients to pay only a few dollars a month in order to gain access to a large network of participating dentists and specialists. These oral care professionals provide the full range of routine and emergency dental care at savings of anywhere from 20 to 60 percent of the full out-of-pocket price. In addition, there are no waiting periods, yearly maximums, or high deductibles.

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