Aetna Dental Plan

One of the most renowned dental insurance in the market today is the Aetna dental plan. Offering some of the most comprehensive and cost-effective dental plans, it remains the top choice for corporate employers and individuals alike. Aetna offers a wide range of dental plans that have different coverages catered for the specific needs of different people. Most of the plans include dental services like dental fillings, crowns, dental fixtures, routine check-ups and prophylaxis. For other procedures such as surgical ones, it is best to consult with the insurance provider to determine which plan covers them.

The Aetna Dental plan is usually easy on the budget and the company boasts of up to 15 to 50 % discount from the dental services that its clients can avail of. One of the most popular plans under Aetna is Vital Savings. Just like what its name suggests, the plan allows customers to avail of dental services at a discounted price. The monthly premiums are also very affordable making it one of the most sought-after dental plans in the market. Individuals who opt for this plan only have to pay about $7.50 per month while families pay $10.50. Aside from these budget friendly perks, the plan also offers free vision care facility to its customers upon registration.

Another type of Aetna dental plan is the Aetna dental access. It is somewhat similar to the vital savings plan, however, is more preferred by dentists. In fact, the Aetna dental is more of a discount plan than a dental insurance. Since the services that one can avail using this plan is cheaper, clients save a lot more money as a result. The other great thing about this plan is that there is no age restriction which makes it all the more attractive for families looking to save on dental costs. There is also no need for a lot of paperworks and the only thing one needs in order to avail of a dental service is a membership card. The monthly premium only amounts to about $7.95 which is quite affordable.

With over sixty-six thousand service providers to choose from, availing of dental services is never a problem with the Aetna Dental plan. The plan also allows customers to choose from a wide range of dentists to work with. This means that if a person wishes to undergo several dental procedures with different dentists, then he can do so by all means.

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