Signs That Your Spouse Is Having An Emotional Affair

Living with the suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you, is tearing you apart inside. You are desperate to learn the truth about what is happening in your relationship and you deserve to know.

Now, more than ever before, emotional affairs have become a hot topic. An emotional affair is where your spouse is emotionally attached to someone else, more so in a romantic way than sexual. To some people, an emotional affair is worse because it involves the heart belonging partially to someone else. You believe that your spouse is having this kind of an affair and you are desperate to learn the truth.

You need some help. You need to learn some signs that your spouse is having an emotional affair. You need to learn about some telltale signs that something is going on behind your back.

A great way to detect an emotional affair is if your spouse seems distant lately. You can tell when your partner is not “all there” and you know when they are hiding something. If they are short with you in conversation or if they seem a bit spaced out then you can tell something is happening. This is a sign that their feelings and their heart is with someone else.

Another sign that your spouse is having an emotional affair is if they don’t talk with you anymore. If they aren’t romantic anymore and they rarely say “I love you” or if they do, it feels really forced or they say it in a friendly, silly manner then that is something to watch out for. If your spouse used to be romantic and tell you all of these romantic secrets all of the time and all of a sudden it just stopped, then you deserve to be suspicious.

Stopping an emotional affair can be tough but if you use these signs as guidelines to learn the truth, then at least you can take the first step in making sure that it stops today. Your spouse should love you and only you. It is tearing you apart that they are having romantic feelings for someone else and you need to do something about it or it will keep going on for as long as you allow it.

An emotional affair is something that needs to stop today. Use these tips so you can stop the affair and so you can move on for good. Your heart should belong to someone who will treat it with the respect and care that it deserves.