Stress Relief With Spa Travel

Can there be any new approaches to spa travel in highly developed industry? And can some travel programs be treated as stress relief activities? The answer is – absolutely. You, as many other successful business executives, most probably see holidays as an opportunity to work from home for a week, or from your hotel room, don’t you?
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Well, it is an unfortunate way to look at your multi-thousand dollar investment in your vacation. Yes, you go places, try things, indulge in entertainment, but then you return home, the same old you – stressed, exhausted, restless.

Why not to treat your vacation as a refuge from your daily routine, as an opportunity to discover the depth of your being, your true motivations, true meaning of every moment you live? None of it is evident unless you dive into deep self-exploration, and you cannot do it alone. You need a guide. A tour guide? Yes, actually, literally.

Some exclusive escapes help you to release your stress by matching you with a beautiful female travel companions that not only shares the experience of international tourism, but also helps you get on track and heals you from all the mental and emotional dust. This luxury stress relief therapy program will take your life to the next level.

Your new travel companion, a beautiful, spiritually mature female, who has mastered various alternative therapy methods and healing modalities, can become a great accelerator of recovery from any emotional traumas and life dramas.

Take a trip, and don’t travel alone. Take with you a lovely companion, Mental and Emotional Wellness Coach for an ultimate stress relief and management. She will help you to find who you truly are, rest in luxurious experiences and return rejuvenated. With emphasize on “body, mind and spirit”, she will remind you that all aspects of health – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – are vital elements in regaining the sense of meaning, satisfaction and purpose.

Business executives become so mental in their daily routine, that stress naturally accumulates and energies get stuck in the body. Therefore one leaves himself vulnerable to the imbalances in many areas of his lives; this reduces our sense of happiness and joy.

Many psychotherapists consider human experience to be composed of conscious and unconscious aspects and know that there are many roads to our unconscious mind. By directing your attention to your full experience in the moment, alternative therapies associates with travel help open your awareness to more aspects of our selves which reliefs tension, worries and stress, and brings you sense of peace and everlasting joy.

Luxury spa travel combined with alternative psychotherapy performed by healing professionals and emotional exercise coaches is the most effective and pleasant stress reduction methods. You should try it and see for yourself!
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Enjoy your weekend getaway or vacation in magnificent travel destination, and not alone, but with a beautiful stranger, your new female travel companion, one of our health and wellness trainers. Don’t travel alone! Bring our lady-healer along! Learn to reduce your stress. Emotional fitness, wellness and travel in a great company – what a combo! A little bit of mystery, touching the unknown… Must have adventure for a man fascinated by speed of life.