The Different Kinds Of RC Cars

There are many different types of RC cars, from electric models, gas, and even Nitro powered RC vehicles. There are not just cars either, but trucks, tanks, boats and even airplanes. Each of these has their own pros and cons. For those who are mainly interested in RC cars, though, there are still an abundance of different models and styles to choose from. There are your regular car styles, for the average hobbyist. One of the main constraints with most cars is that they don’t do very well in off road conditions, like a dune buggy, truck or tank would.

Choosing the right types of RC cars really depends on you. There are toy products, that are just simple, have primitive receivers, and are just for your kids. For more serious RC vehicles, there are Ready-To-Run styles and kits that you put together yourself. Then you have the fuel sources, electric battery packs, and the Nitro or gas fuel mixes. If you are just starting out in this hobby, the best and easiest models to deal with are going to be your electric, RTR types.

These types for RC cars are better for the beginner for many reasons. For one, these RC vehicles don’t have to be put together from kit or from scratch, and once your battery pack is fully charge, you are ready to go out and do some racing. While your electric cars are going to be slower than fuel mixes, they run longer, and you don’t have to worry about pollution or trying to fill up the little gas tanks, or fire. You should however get an extra power pack, so you have will be able to race around a little longer.

For serious people or those that have been in the hobby awhile, kit types of RC cars are a better and more challenging idea. These RC vehicles come in parts, or completely disassembled, and part of the challenge is creating your own car. Some of these can even be modified and customized for your own need. This are also the kinds of cars where the fuel mix comes in. These cars are a more complicated to build and run, because of their real combustion motors. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is that while there are extremely fast, they use fuel quickly, and you run the risk of having a big mess.

Your local hobby shop will probably have a good selection of types of RC cars for you to choose from. You want to try to avoid toy stores or mass marketing distributors, mainly because the RC vehicles they sell are going to be more in the ‘toy’ category. For the best prices and selections, you should go online. It is a good idea to really check around. You should think about the type of car your looking for, what you are going to be using it for, and of course your budget. Many good quality basis RTR cars are going to be around $50-$100, but when you start getting into the kit, and modified RC cars, or real scale model racing cars, you can expect to pay much more.

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