The Famous Diet Method

The Famous Diet Method

Macrobiotic diet is more than a weight loss plans!. It is an eating habit that can be consider a lifestyle if followed in long term point of view. People that successfully adopt this kind of lifestyle are said to be able to combined both physical and spiritual health. The name of this method which is macrobiotic diet was come from the Greek word “macro” which literally translate to large or long-term and “bio” which means life. It is basically designed for a long term plans that would leads to a longer life. The term was coined by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, he describe that people who were able to do it, lived long and healthy.

George Ohsawa, a Japanese philosopher founded the idea behind macrobiotic diet and philosophy. He took his teaching to USA in 1950 and Michio Kushi, one of his the students of Ohsawa, develop the idea and popularized it as a diet. The kushi institute in Boston opened in 1978. He and his wife, Aveline Kushi, have published several books on macrobiotic diet.

The follower of macrobiotic diet was able to maintain a strong correlation between the diet of not just food but also mind, body and spirit – and that our lives are affected in many factors, for instance on just our eating habits. This nutritional idea includes fat, high fiber, while grains and locally grown vegetables with lots of green leafy vegetables, also added to the basic plan that a human diet should be contain with small amount of fish and meats. A lot of health experts says that the main culprit to unhealthy diet of most people are processed and refined foods and clearly also pin point sugar.

Macrobiotic diet upgraded our normal eating habit into different seasons and times of day. Like in everything we do foods should also follow a balance of yin and yan of an oriental philosophy. Yin foods are the one that we could consider that cool down our body such as fruits and vegetables. Yang foods in the other hand who keeps our body warn such as fish and meats. Sweet foods are basically included in yin energy while salty are yang. Although it is a vegetarian lifestyle, macrobiotic diet included meat and fish in another diet formula which is called “flexitarian”.

Macrobiotic doesn’t only tackle those but also is it very particular with terms with biological system such as the behavior of the person using it for instance the way which foods are cooked based in culture. One of the most important method prescribe for cooking yang foods are grilling or cooked while yin foods should be sautéing it lightly or simply steaming it. Foods are divided into many categories base on what kind of characteristic the food belongs to: sweet, sour or salty. There is so much instruction that would totally help us on preparing all kinds of foods and to make sure it is tender enough to be chewed and digested thoroughly before eating.

One of the most dreadful diseases in modern times is cancer. Macrobiotic diet can totally help patient that are suffering from cancer. It is advice that they should consume less fat and more on fiber. Specifically soy products, which is rich in phytoestrogens . Cancer that are related to enzyme “estrogen” like breast cancer, these are only one of the reason why macrobiotic system is popular among doctors and alike.
One of the main goals why nutritionist suggests us to diet is because people should be aware of the effect of different foods to our health and well being.