Top Racing Games: Hours of Racing Thrills on Your iPad

Top Racing Games: Hours of Racing Thrills on Your iPad

Can an iPad become the next Nintendo or PlayStation? This device is a cool platform for many popular games of various genres. It goes great with racing games that are both fun to play and not very expensive to download.

I used to love the Mario Kart racing game on Nintendo DS and Need for Speed on my computer. But now I am more in love with the iPad games such as Shrek Kart HD, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD.

I can play them for hours, and I hope you can also enjoy hours of racing thrills on your tablet computer with these best, on my opinion, racing games for this iOS device.

1. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad: This racing game offers you a cool competition and a big challenge. It can really blow you away.

Are you able to outrun the law? Will you get away from police on a supercar? Or maybe you will choose to play the cop yourself and use roadblocks or EMP lock to fry racers. You can play for whoever you want. Either way is amazing and interesting.

What car do you want to drive? Will it be the Lamborghini, Pagani or other car among 20 vehicles available? Can other racers keep up with you? Race, burn up the highway by using nitro, making amazing 180 degrees spins and drifting and submit your scores to the leaderboard.

2. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD is another thrilling game I am in love with. It is the latest edition of the Asphalt racing games for the iPad. You can play it on the second generation tablet as well.

Adrenaline HD is simply breathtaking. You race and see real-time reflections on your car. You can enjoy beautiful surface textures and shadows that are pretty realistic. There are 42 great vehicles to drive. It can be a car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and other well-known manufacturers.

You can compete with up to six racers via Multiplayer mode. Prove that you are the best street racer and become the top racer in the leaderboard. You get to drive in 55 events. Keep your eyes on the road and customize your car as you like.

3. Shrek Kart HD is probably the best racing game for children. It will remind Nintendo fans of the great Mario Kart game.

You get to compete as Shrek, Fiona and other 8 characters in Far Far Away. Your kart has its own “talents”, and you can use them to outrun other racers and win the race.

This is an exciting game for little ones and their parents. The whole family can play Shrek Kart HD on the iPad and spend a marvelous weekend together. The tournaments include 19 cups and 72 challenges.

If you wish to race against your friends, use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and multiplayer mode.