True-Life Courier Jobs Scenarios

True-Life Courier Jobs Scenarios

Courier services provide the fast transfer of documents and items from ‘A’ to ‘B’. It has to be admitted though that from the point of view of the person making the delivery, some courier jobs may be a little more interesting than others:

• A famous film star or other major personality just has to have ‘XYZ’ delivered quickly and the sender insists on a personal signed-for delivery – OK, admit it, how many of you would be able to resist a quick request for an autograph while you’re there?

• Delivering to a lodge based somewhere with spectacular mountain scenery just might offer the opportunity to see some great sights as you pass – it certainly beats a back-street warehouse drop anyway!

• Some courier jobs go to those with all the luck, like the guy who had to take a small box load of specialist sun block down to a beach location where some models were doing a shoot of skimpy beach wear. Must have been a real tough job that!

• Then there are those rare ultra-luxury courier jobs, such as the person asked to drive the sender’s Lamborghini to make the delivery when his own vehicle rather embarrassingly refused to start. You may be asking at this stage – “why do these things never happen to me”?

• Some specialist jobs may also be quite appealing – like the courier that was asked to do a delivery and collection involving an all expenses paid overnight stay in a famous desert recreation spot.

Of course, sometimes routine may be very attractive:

• A courier, after reporting to reception, was involved in an identity mix-up which resulted in him being shown to the changing room and told to get ready for his fire-breathing act (it’s not clear if he actually ‘winged it’ and performed).

• Another courier, delivering to a hospital unit, was waiting in a room down a corridor for when a masked doctor entered and asked in a surprised voice “why aren’t you wearing a protective mask? Hasn’t anybody told you?”

• Then there’s the helpful comment made to one courier after pick-up, “I’m see you’re taking the XYZ route – it’s a pretty dangerous road”. Very helpful you may think, until the said courier asked what alternatives there were, only to receive the classic reply “there aren’t any…”

So, courier jobs can be unexpectedly rewarding and occasionally, just a little bit worrying. It’s what makes the business appealing though!