When You Are The Brand

The marketplace is constantly changing. Though direct selling has been around for a very long time, direct sellers have to continually adapt to the changes and challenges of the current market in order to give high quality service to their customers and continue getting those sales.

As a direct seller, you have the unique challenge of representing both your company brand as well as your own. Even though you are selling your company’s products, you are the one who knows your customer, and you are the one that your customers trust. What makes you different from other direct sellers who sell the same products is the value you add to your customer interaction. And this is basically what is known as your personal brand.

Though customers nowadays place a lot of value in quality products that are low-priced and are convenient to order, they also place a lot of importance in the person they interact with in order to obtain those products. They are not convinced by advertising gimmicks or promotions anymore – they only buy from brands and people they know and trust.

That’s why as a direct seller, you can’t just represent your company brand. You need to be in charge of your personal brand as well, in order for people to know, like and trust you, in order for them to specifically buy from you and not from others. You are the one who needs to build a connection with your consumers, so you can enjoy a mutually satisfying relationship.

So how do you do this? Here are some tips to help you with your personal branding.

1. Make it a priority to help your customers

When it comes to direct selling, your customers should be your priority. So when you always prioritize helping your customers, even just by answering any questions they have and being honest and truthful with them, it really helps your personal brand. The more you add value to your interaction with them, the better it is for you.

You may encounter your share of dissatisfied customers, but it’s best not to see this as a problem. Instead, look at it as an opportunity for you to make things right for them. The worst thing you can do is ignore their concerns, since this will only ruin both your personal brand and your company’s. Address these problems as soon as possible, so that your consumers will see that you’re really looking out for them.

2. Put up your own website or blog

Though you can refer your customers to the company website or blog, it would be much better if you offer them your own take on the products you’re selling by putting up your own website or blog. This is your chance to promote your personal brand, to highlight why potential prospects should partner with you and not with others. It’s a way to connect with others by giving your own personal touch to your company’s products, since your website or blog is all about the brand that is you.

You may think that you don’t have anything to say, but once you get started, you may be surprised at the information that you can impart out there. Make sure to regularly post, and increase your visibility by commenting on related blogs and sharing your blog with your social network. You’ll be surprised that a little effort in blogging could go a long way in helping you build consumer trust and getting your sales up.

3. Always be ready to adapt to the changing times

Part of being a successful direct seller is the ability to adapt to change. You need to be open and ready to make changes in order for your personal brand to grow. You need to be open to new opportunities that come up so that you can give your customers better value.

As a direct seller, you can’t simply remain stagnant. You have to be quick at learning, and adapt to the new technologies of today so that you can reach more people. You should also pay attention to the market so that you know what your consumers need and want, and so you can adjust your offer accordingly.

You have to always perform at your best, because this is the hallmark of the direct selling business. Put emphasis on maintaining relationships with your customers, because you want to enjoy a mutually satisfying long-term relationship, not a short one. Always be ready to adapt to the changing times, and know how to utilize the new technologies effectively so that you can keep up with your consumers and become a more established personal brand.

As a direct seller, you are your own brand. Though you represent the company brand, it’s still up to you to utilize your skills and talents to get those customers and get those sales. So make your customers and your brand your priority, so that you can give the highest value and service to your consumers.

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