Deploying Digital Posters And Digital Menu Boards

Deploying Digital Posters And Digital Menu Boards

LCD poster and digital menu boards.

When installing a LCD poster or a digital menu board you have to think of the location very meticulously, ensuring that a LCD poster or digital menu board does not protrude too much, otherwise any person walking past could catch themselves and harm themselves.

Both LCD poster and a digital menu board are one of the most cost-effective ways to get digital signage in a business, these units can vary in thickness from 47 mm to 100 mm depending if the inbuilt media player is network able, these networked advertisements players will allow users to update advertisements via the World wide web and eliminates unnecessary trips to other places just to update the content.

Now the other ingredient to look at is how large the display is going to be, if you are using a 40″ or 70″ flat screen TV this will be positioned flush to the wall as possible and with the size viewers will view from a far, the issue arises when you use smaller monitors around 17″ to 20″ because humans have to get much closer to them to see the advertisements, so one of the best solutions is to use a digital signage mount specially designed and manufactured for the digital signage industry, this way you can be certain that the monitor is supported with the correct mount.

It would be no good if you positioned either a digital poster or digital menu board only to find that it ruins the electronic advertising system.

A low profile mount will take monitors up to and including 55″ with a maximum VESA of 800 x 400, but in this orientation (portrait), it will be 400 x 800!

What makes this kind of solution economical is the built in device that stores the adverts, the most inexpensive is a memory card player, this holds the media on a memory card that is played when plugged into the player, updates are via a USB port in the media player.

Networked enabled digital poster

Now these units tend to be deeper, this is due to the extra technology that is built into the ads players. In the back of the dynamic marketing monitor are Wi-Fi and cabled connections, so you can either connect the LCD poster or the digital menu board to a cabled network or connect the player up to a wireless adapter and log in to a wireless network (that you own or have legitimate access too.)