Weight Loss and Diabetes

There is no doubt that the further you look into diabetes the more complex the situation can become because weight loss and diabetes are prevalent in very different ways. It is the very fact that obesity has a very strong link to diabetes which is causing concern around the world but diabetic weight loss is also another issue which needs to be considered and appreciated.

  • Diabetes
  • There is a direct link between diabetes type II and obesity which is the common reason we are seeing a significant increase in the number of people suffering from diabetes type II especially. In obese people the body can easily become insulin resistant which reduces the amount of sugar taken out of the bloodstream which leads to potentially dangerous medical conditions. So what can be done?

  • Weight loss and diabetes
  • A new diet regime and an increased amount of exercise can make a massive difference to those in the stages of early diabetes or in fact those who have developed the condition. Reducing the pressure on the body and reducing your weight has been shown to reduce insulin resistance which means that the body will naturally regulate the level of sugar in your blood.

    It is estimated that 90% of all type II diabetes sufferers are overweight, which is a perfect indication of the link between obesity and diabetes. So the need to tackle your weight if you are obese is vital.

  • Diabetic weight loss
  • Diabetic weight loss is commonplace amongst those who have yet to be diagnosed with either diabetes type I or diabetes type II. In simple terms because the body is unable to ingest sufficient levels of sugar from the blood to use as energy to function, much of this excess sugar will at some stage be discharged from the body predominantly through excessive urine.

    When this occurs the body still requires energy to operate and therefore it will at some point move towards burning “fat cells” to create energy thereby inducing what is known as diabetic weight loss. This is why many people who visit their doctor with diabetes, but are undiagnosed, may well have experienced significant weight loss.

  • Increased exercise
  • It is common knowledge that an increase in the amount of exercise you do will use energy in the body and will reduce sugar levels in your blood. This is why changes in diet and changes in exercise regimes are vital to the chances of fighting off the more dangerous side effects of diabetes. However, before you undergo an increasing your exercise regime you need to take professional advice from a doctor to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

  • Conclusion
  • It is rather bizarre to think of the link between obesity and diabetes as well as the many instances of diabetic weight loss when the body is forced to burn fat cells to create energy. This is where a knowledge of exactly how your body works is vital if you’re looking to fight off the worst effects of diabetes and at least try to live as normal a life as possible.