What to Look for in a Towing Company

Do you know what to look for in towing company? My guess is that unless you are in immediate need of one, you don’t give much thought to that question or it’s answer. Most of us hope that our vehicles will not fail us. We hope we will never need a tow truck. It is an expense many, or maybe all, of us don’t want to think about.

I hope you are one of the lucky few who never find themselves in need of towing services. Unfortunately, I have had more than one experience with towing companies and tow truck drivers. Although I do not own a towing company myself, I have some ideas about what you might want to think about when choosing a company to tow your car or truck.

First of all, when you call is the phone answered at all? Believe it or not, some companies answer the phone intermittently. Is the person on the other end of the line professional and knowledgeable about what you will need for your particular circumstances?

Will the driver, along with the tow truck, be there shortly? And if they can not make it right away are you given an estimated arrival time? Even if they can not get to you immediately, they should be honest about your waiting time. This allows you to plan for their arrival and also it can free your mind of worry if they are not there as quickly as you feel they should be. This also allows you to inform any officers that stop to ask if you need assistance that you have a tow truck on the way.

When the driver arrives in the tow truck, is he professional? Does he work with confidence? Is he or she able to answer any and all of your questions? When it comes to your vehicle, you do not want someone loading it on to the truck that does not know what they are doing. This can be costly. You want to be sure your drivers are experienced and confident.

Is the equipment and the tow truck itself in good shape? I wouldn’t want my vehicle towed by a truck that looks as if it is about to break down. I would not want a very old and worn-out tow truck carrying my car or truck. I am not saying it has to be brand new, but it has to be in good shape. A company that cares for it’s own vehicles is more likely to take good care of yours.

Do they have the right type of truck for your situation? Will your vehicle need a flatbed tow? If so, do they have what you need?

I would also advise against basing your decision entirely on price. If a company is the cheapest, is there a reason for that? Although I would not use the most expensive towing company and would definitely call for some prices, I would choose a company whose price is somewhere in the middle. You get what you pay for.

Although each circumstance is different, these are just a few things to think about when looking for a towing company to use for your next tow or vehicle transport service. Ask some questions and use the company that gives you a good feeling. More often than not your gut feeling will be right on target.