Yamaha Motor Bikes

Yamaha Motor Bikes

Any type of vehicle you own requires maintenance and care to keep it in good working order and motorbikes in particular require special attention as their working parts are exposed to far more environmental damage than other forms of motor vehicles, therefore once you have driven it off the lot of your local Yamaha motor bike dealer you need to know how to maintain it.

Keeping your motorbike clean is one of the best ways to avoid excess wear and tear, here are some beginners tips to help your care for your motorbike:

It might seem obvious but washing your bike regularly will have a huge impact on the long term condition of the bike, particularly if it has been exposed to road works, sea salt or mud. At the least a hose down should be given to remove the majority of debris.

Wheel Cleaning
It goes without saying that keeping your wheels in tip top condition have a huge impact on the quality of ride from your bike along with, of course, your safety. Thoroughly removing road debris and corrosive materials with a non-acidic cleaner will help keep these important parts in top working order.

Paint Care
How your motorbike looks has no bearing on whether it’s reliable and is enjoyable to ride, it does however have a bearing about how you feel about it and also on the resale value. Keeping your paintwork in top notch condition is an investment in your future return on the sale price.

Chrome and Metal
Like the paintwork on your bike the chrome and metal parts have a huge impact on the visual appeal of your Yamaha motor bike, however as these are also working part of the bike it’s important to clean and maintain them to a high standard to ensure no corrosive damage can occur.

Taking good care of your leather seat along with your leather riding gear will not only provide the finishing touch to the visual appeal and therefore value of your motorbike but also the longevity of these items. Riding gear is a big investment and taking time to care for it will provide you with years of comfortable riding.

Engine and Chain
Caring for your engine and the chain are the most important things, a chain that is not in good condition and well maintained can cause an accident. Make regular inspections of the chain to ensure it is well lubricated and that the tension is correct. This should be conducted every 600kms or sooner if in excess mud, and carry out repairs or remedial work as soon as you see something to ensure continued safe riding.

If you are in doubt about any of the care and maintenance your local Yamaha motor bike dealer will be able to offer many tips and expert advice.

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