Why Do I Feel Alone? How to Feel Lonely Less Often

There are times when everyone feels alone. While it may seem natural to feel alone when no one is around, you may feel at ease, other times it may make you feel lonely. Sometimes you may feel alone in a crowd of people. There is more to the situation than other people or not.

Why do I feel lonely sometimes and not others?

Everyone needs some time alone on occasion. That is why you may not feel alone when you are physically alone. In a crowd you might feel alone for a couple of different reasons. You may feel like you are different from the others in the crowd, or you may not be feeling the same emotions as the others. You may not feel in sync or actually need some time apart.

Is being alone bad?

Being alone is not a bad thing. Feeling alone or always being alone is not good. We are designed to need others and need human contact. You need physical contact, you need emotional and mental support. The need for contact in assorted forms and fashions helps you feel less lonely and more with the world.

What if I want to be alone?

Being alone sometimes is good. It gives you time to think, to clear your mind and get a good feel for what you need, not what others want for you. Being alone all the time however is not good. It is time to ask yourself why you want to be alone. Look at the problem and find solutions. Sometimes you just need to expand yours horizons and find people with whom you can relate. Sometimes you are feeling depressed and avoiding others.

How can I make things better?

Spend some time alone but add time to spend with a variety of people. This will help you find people with whom you feel comfortable. You may find a friend for the movies and another for the museum. Establishing several friends can help you when you do not want to be alone because typically someone will be ready to share an experience with you.

What should I do?

Do not worry if you feel alone on occasion. If you are feeling alone often then you may need to think about what is going on in your life. This may be a time to try a change. Try a different way of thinking and trying new things. Try something different, meet with people in groups you normally would not. If you are normally quiet or shy, try speaking with someone new on occasion. Meeting new people and trying new things will occupy your mind so you feel lonely less often.

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