Why we do not like good guys?

A new study shows, and hate bad people, we hate those who are good.

The researchers originally wanted to confirm that people do not like not as a person. As part of the study, the researchers asked volunteers to play a team needs to win a computer game. Expect the same results as it was generally unwilling to maintain the unfair relationship, not with the lazy, not for the team who contributed to the continued cooperation. But the researchers also were surprised to find that you actually want to expel those who are good team, curiosity aroused by this discovery, they were three groups of studies to verify whether the establishment of this new discovery. The results again show that we want to be expelled out the bad guys and good guys.

The researchers will be very curious why such a good low-evaluation. In this regard, 58% of the volunteers expressed their anger on good behavior, because in contrast to good, the bad guys to look like; more importantly, good people more tolerant of bad guys, often the bad guys are as good, which makes we have a hostility to the good people. Thus, in addition to bad people would be “extermination”, the good guys are often used as targets.

The researchers explained that this is not difficult to understand, the team action means doing the most beneficial decision for the team, so easy to defeat the opponent and the instigator is the potential threat of the adverse team. Even compassion that you can not bear to remove the weak link in the team, other peers will also affect your thoughts final.
In modern society, the good guys and bad guys have different standards of value judgments. Since each person’s life and values are different. Stand on our own point of interest, you may be a “good”, on the contrary, in his eyes, you may be a “bad man.” However, in today’s society, the social division of labor become increasingly clear that teamwork is very important. International co-operation between the more and more, give us the whole of human society with a lot of opportunities and challenges. Our entire society is a community of interests, only if we live in harmony, to the harmonious development of society as a whole, each person in their position, to contribute a light and heat, to be a useful human society who actively work together to promote the community The forward.

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