You Are The Expert – Now Act Like It

While you can probably rattle off hair care tips and techniques for achieving the perfect look like you are naming your own kids, the information you have gathered from years of working in your chosen profession is a mystery to the lay person. That’s why clients tend to all ask the same questions of you, over and over…

Your expertise is a valuable commodity that should not be ignored. In fact, it should be capitalized upon so that you can continue to expand your client base and reach your full potential. The best way to capitalize on the knowledge in your head is to get it down on paper. Writing an article for a local publication is a great what to be recognized in the community for what you do (see previous article Write an Article – Share Your Knowledge). But not everyone is confident enough in their writing skill to attempt getting published, so let’s look at other ways you can spread your knowledge as an expert.

  • Talk up your trade
  • This is the easiest, and most obvious, way to spread your expert knowledge – talk it up. Chances are you are already doing this for the most part, but it’s time to take it up a notch and work your magic. Everywhere you go, everything thing you do, find away to work your knowledge into the conversation. Girls night with your gal pals, and one of them complains about the cost of her fave products – tell her about another, more affordable option to solve her needs. Waiting in line at the grocery store, chat up the woman in front of you and mention how you love working with hair like hers. If she expresses a difficulty with her hair, offer solutions. Make it your business to talk about your business and let people know that you are the expert.

  • Answer the top 5 questions
  • Chances are the majority of people ask the same five questions. Instead of secretly rolling your eyes when someone asks again, use those questions as a marketing tool to show off your stuff. Create a hair Q&A and answer the questions on paper. You don’t have to create a novel out of your tips. In fact, short and sweet is the way to go, people like information in bite-sized chunks because it’s a quick read. The Q&A can then be added to your website and/or Facebook page as free hair tips and more proof of your expertise. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include the most important tip – how to contact you! Make it easy for people to get more information and to contact you.

  • Spread the word
  • As you accumulate Q&A tips, create a binder of them to keep with you. Then instead of handing over a stack of magazines for your clients to read while their hair processes, offer them your binder tips. Consider making multiple copies of each tip, and slipping them into plastic sleeves within the binder so clients are free to take their favorite tips with them to share with friends (with your contact information on each page, of course).