10 Things That Can Ruin Christmas Dinner

Whether this will be the first Christmas lunch you’ve cooked or the 31st, making sure everything goes to plan depends on a number of factors. Here are 10 things that can influence how well your kitchen dinner comes out.

1. A lack of forward planning can have a big impact on your meal, so make sure you know exactly what steps you’re going to take and the timings of everything before you start.

2. Not doing a practise run can be foolish, especially if this is your first time cooking Christmas dinner. Try it out on a loved one first and ask for feedback.

3. Using inadequate ingredients can have a major impact on the meal, as it won’t do your cooking justice. Shop around and make sure you go for quality.

4. If you are a first-timer, not asking your friends or family for advice can be a big mistake. Mothers, for instance, often have many years of Christmas dinner experience and knowledge to pass on.

5. Don’t be too ambitious if you’re new to cooking. The key to a great Christmas lunch is getting the basics right. Make sure the turkey and potatoes are perfect and the rest should fall into place.

6. People don’t enjoy themselves in the kitchen invariably don’t produce great dishes. By loving food and the process of cooking, you have a much better chance of delivering a perfect meal.

7. One of the biggest mistakes made is not giving yourself enough time on the day. Christmas morning, in particular, can be very busy, so you may want to cook the turkey the night before and buy yourself some time on the day.

8. Family is what Christmas is all about, but if they’re getting under your feet while you’re preparing dinner, it can cause chaos and ruin the food. During the busiest portion of the day, consider asking them all to clear off to the pub or for a festive walk – anything to give yourself the freedom to get things done.

9. Alternatively, many people find that one of the reasons why things don’t go to plan is because they try and take on too much and don’t ask for help. Whether you’re asking someone to carve the bird, peel potatoes or prepare dessert, it may help you in the end.

10. Finally, one of the most influential aspects of any meal is the cookwear set you use. If it’s rust, bent out of shape or generally quite old, it could have a negative impact on the meal. For instance, it may mislead you regarding cooking times or even cook things unevenly. Investing in top quality equipment, such as stainless steel cookwear, could help you to create the perfect meal.

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