A Fishing and Nature Experience in the Mille Lacs

Having read about the region and wanting to get involved in some sort of physical activity, I ventured to look at the provision. I was particularly interested in the possibilities for ice fishing. So many people have talked about the possibilities but I had never really tried out the experience. According to the area website, the Mille Lacs Lake areais the second largest inland lake in Minnesota. That immediately tickled my senses because I thought that there might be quite a lot of fishing in store. In truth I was not to be disappointed.

The lake itself is estimated to be out one hundred and thirty square acres. For those of use that are addicted to the metric system, this equates to about five hundred and thirty six square kilometres. That is quite an impressive area and I am sure that I could never aspire to cover the entire thing within a limited holiday. Of course small things can become big with time and I felt that I would need to first look at the vital statistics of the area.

I am told that the maximum depth for this lake is about forty feet. That should provide ample opportunities for people to delve into the recess. Perhaps diving could be on the menu for the seasoned holiday makers. However on average we were told to expect about twenty feet. That is plenty and in case you get stuck, there is always hope. The mud flats are fascinating but frankly speaking I find them somewhat disconcerting. I think that the rock bars and grave make a nice contrast to the water.

  • I love fishing in Minnesota
  • Having done the rounds in Mille Lacs, I would whole-heartily recommend the experience to anyone. There are many different ways in which you can enjoy the fishing expedition. For example, they have the shallow surface fishing. At the same time you can contrast this experience with the deep lurkers bottom anglers. It is really set up for a different experience on each occasion that the person decides to venture out into the lake. That is part of the charm that the Mille Lacs Lake area brings.

    Those that like the deep water angling will need to go to the Southern area with its depths and the gravel. The mud flats can also be used, although I find them to be somewhat less exciting. Alternatively the tourists can look for the shoreline break fishing. This is a more democratic version of the fishing because it can occur on all the different surfaces within the lake area.

    As a word of caution, I would mention that the weed on the shoreline is about ten feet in some areas. This is not a problem in most cases because the fisher-people are given modern equipment but nevertheless you have to be prepared for it just in case something untoward happens on the journey there (like getting your line tangled in the weed).

  • The rich species of fish in Mille Lacs
  • Of course fishing is not interesting without variety. That is one of the things I loved about the area. There is such a wide variety of creatures to fish that you will be literally spoilt for choice. I took in some of them and they included the iconic walleye. There was also the northern pike and the smallmouth bass. If that does not rock your boat then you can try the Muskie or the Burbort or even the largemouth bass for contrast. The Tullibee is available. This is fishing at its finest.

    From the environmental point of view I was impressed that they were trying to control the use of Thermocline. This gives the fish to float all over the lake without the dangers of chemicals. The area is particularly well known for the production of walleye eggs and fry.

  • A little bit of history about the Mille Lacs
  • This is an area that is not just known for the excellent fishing. There is also an element of archaeological importance in as much as it was the area that was estimated to have the earliest human settlement. Some of the local traditions give it interesting names such as the Mystic Lake or Mde Wakan. This is apparently what it is called in the Dakota language.

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