A Look On The Water Bearing Trucks

Have you ever wondered about the trucks the fire department and other agencies use to deliver water? Fire departments use a variety of such trucks each designed with a specific purpose.

No one water truck can do it all. That’s why fire departments often have a variety of trucks in their fleet. They each do a distinct and valuable job.

The fire trucks or engines that you commonly associate with fire departments are made specifically to fight fires in cities or buildings. They are constructed with enough room for a team of firefighters to ride along and to store equipment for them to use. Often there is a huge ladder on board. This ladder can be raised and lowered mechanically. It is used to access upper floors in high-rise buildings. These trucks cost big bucks, which is why fire departments often hold fundraisers. Sometimes fire departments can manage to purchase used trucks to save money.

Another truck fire fighters use to carry water is a fire tanker. They carry water to put out fires and are used mostly for large outdoor fires. The tanker is not commonly used to dispense water directly. Fire fighters use it to transport large amounts of water to the fire scene.

Many times you’ll find a fire tanker connected to a fire engine. This is because a fire tanker consists of a diesel truck hauling a large metallic tank. This set up doesn’t allow much room for storage and the trucks usually hold only a driver and one passenger.

Another important truck used by firefighters is the water truck. They look like fire tankers somewhat but they have a different purpose. Water trucks are often used at mines or quarries to combat problems with dust that clogs the air.

Dust can be a problem at mines because it limits visibility for workers and nearby drivers. The water trucks help this situation because they are equipped with sprinkler-like nozzles. Operators use the nozzles to douse the air with water. This helps the dust fall to the ground and clears the air.

So, now you know a little bit more about water carrying trucks and their uses. It may make you take note the next time you see one drive by.

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