Advantages of Egg to Have Beautiful Hair

Advantages of Egg to Have Beautiful Hair

Do you have problems with your hair? Are you embarrassed when people are talking about you? Solve your problem by finding a solution now.

In order to save money, egg yolks can be used to treat hair loss. It can treat your follicles. Egg yolks can be a remedy which is very convenient and easy to use. Eggs are harmless so you can use them on any hair types.

There are many steps in making the yellow of an egg to treat hair loss. First, use eggs according to the length of your hair. You can use 2 eggs for short hair and 4 eggs for long hair. Crack the eggs by separating the shell into half. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white by moving the egg back and forth spilling the egg white into the bowl. Continue the process until the egg white is completely separated from the egg yolk.

Second, place the egg yolk into a separate bowl then continue the process until all the eggs are separated. Add 3 tablespoon of almond or sesame oil and add a dash of lemon to the bowl. Mix them properly by using a whisk.

Third, use shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair. While your hair is still damp, apply the combined mixture into your hair and scalp. Apply thoroughly on each strand of hair.

Fourth, use plastic shower or dry towel to wrap your hair. Let the combined mixture stay for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. It will allow the mixture to penetrate each strand of hair. Rinse your hair and repeat.

Try following these steps. You would not regret anything. You would not lose anything if you try something new. Treat hair loss by using egg yolks. You can even save an amount of money. Boost your confidence and self-esteem now by trying these procedures.