Asthma Conditions Growing Worse

Asthma triggers can be the changing of the seasons from hot to cold, humid or dry and can really affect your asthma symptoms. Different asthma suffers from can vary from person to person because we are all different and we are all susceptible to different things. One thing all asthma suffers share is the battle to breath properly. This battle is a fight to live, a fight to get back your life as it was once before you were diagnosed with asthma. My son was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 4 and it was hard for him to understand why he couldn’t breathe and he did not know what was going on. As a parent it was hard to watch and even harder to fix. Controlling his symptoms was very difficult for us because we wanted his disease to just disappear, which it didn’t do. It kept coming back to steal his breath way.

The disease takes hold of you and it decides when it’s time for you to overcome it, but not until then. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can outgrow asthma later on in life but when you least expect it, this chronic illness comes back on you with a vengeance. This time asthma could hold on indefinitely. Most asthma conditions hold you hostage to triggers. They have to be avoided at all cost if you are to escape a full blown asthma attack. Asthma attacks come when you least expect them and if you are not ready for it then, they can steal your breath away completely until you get lucky and come out of it or it takes your life. That’s when controlling your asthma symptoms comes into play. There are many ways to control asthma symptoms and not all are really good for you. Prescription drugs can control most of your asthma symptoms but long term they cause more problems than they are worth.

But there is hope for someone with asthma. There is a way to break the chains of this debilitating disease once and for all, but it could take time depending on the route you take to overcome it. If the conditions are right your body has the ability to heal all on its own, you see, your body is the only cure there is in this world. There is no medical cure your body decides what it can cure and what it can’t. Providing the right tools at the right time determines whether you’re able to beat the disease or not. Take for instance summer time when pollen is running rampant and your asthma seems to be totally out of control. It is a lot harder to beat asthma when you’re in the peak season of allergies. There comes a time as you well know when the symptoms are not so bad. During this time your body is more open to natural remedies.

There is one such remedy that will work when the time is right and can mean the difference of overcoming your asthma or having it control you. First you must figure out what has caused your asthma in the first place and then formulate a plan on how to fix it. I bet you will agree with me that environmental pollution plays a big role in the development of this disease as well as being one of the worst asthma triggers there are. Removing environmental pollution from your body may sound difficult and expensive. Drugs will relieve symptoms and most only do it once and as soon as you walk outside and take a deep breath, bingo your right back to where you started. The key to this is the removal of this pollution on a daily basis. That is the key. So, do your research on ways that will naturally remove toxins and metals that don’t belong there. Let your body get on the road to healing. A toxin free body is the perfect condition for eliminating asthma.