Burmese Cuisine: A Blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai Cuisine

About Burmese Cuisine: Burmese cuisine is a blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine which involves extensive use of fish products. Distinct flavors and herbs, along with regional variations in its preparations makes it widely relished across different cities. The Burmese course not just includes pork, meat and fish curries, it also includes salads ‘a thoke’ which is mainly centered on a prime ingredient, being rice or wheat with vegetables.

Traditionally, the locals serve the food on low level tables while sitting on the bamboo mat. As a custom believed in Burma, the first morsel of rice is scooped and put aside to show respect to elders.The main course served is dominant with rice, meat, boiled vegetables along with salty dishes. Burmese cuisine offered in a formal setting has a diverse menu and authentic style which includes salads, soups, and curries and most prominent to the taste buds being the use of Burmese herbs and tropical fruits and vegetables, which are often consumed when boiled or roasted, dipped in salt.

The Burmese beverage of choice is green tea. Burmese cuisine as said earlier draws its origins from China and India, has been inspired from the Indian dishes like Samosa, Halwa and Chapatti which have been improvised with Burmese authenticity. Chinese influence in Burmese cuisine is shown in the use of ingredients like Bean curd and Soya sauce, various noodles as well as in stir-frying techniques. The Burmese food follows its historical rhyme about the favorites which the consumers relish, being, Mango as the best of all the fruits, Pork as the best of all the meat, Lahpet’s (pickled tea) as the best of all the leaves. At Burmese Kitchen, we ensure that Burmese traditions and recipes are preserved in it’s original form to make sure the flavor and the feel remains authentic.

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