Dean Ornish Diet – Helpful Weight Loss Diet Review for Easy Choice

What is the idea behind the diet?

This diet has been developed by Dean Ornish M.D. who claims that through Spectrum based lifestyle and diet programme you can lower the risk of prostate cancer, lose weight and keep your body in shape. The only thing you need to do is see where you stand in the Spectrum and make the necessary changes in accordance to that. The Spectrum based way of life includes not only more nourishing but also regular exercises, stress reduction and meditation.

There are no rules, no forbidden foods and no reasons to feel guilty when you follow this diet. There are just instructions for you to understand where are you standing and encouragement to make the health changes. As it is popular to claim that Diets don’t work the Spectrum works through the gradual approach towards healthier lifestyle that is just the opposite of the hard to follow diets.

Dr. Ornish has found that pleasure is a stronger motivating factor that guilt so he complied a long term programme that is based on the happiness of looking and feeling better and not on the fear of dying.

The diet combines your individual genes, needs and preferences. If for example your goal is to lower your blood pressure you choose such foods that are closer to the healthiest part of the Spectrum for about a month than you check your blood pressure again and compare the results.

Trials and errors will help you understand where is the place in the Spectrum you need to be. In accordance with your goals you determine how fast and far you want to move towards the healthier part of the Spectrum. The closer you come to the healthier end the better you will look and feel.
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What are you allowed to eat?

In this diet you can eat everything you want but up to a certain extent. For example if you want to lose weight, lower your blood sugar or stop chronic disease you should choose more healthier foods and less unhealthier ones.

Foods have been distributed in four groups ranging from healthiest to least healthy:

Group 1: fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain foods, legumes, skimmed diary products, egg whites, soy products

Group 2: avocado, nuts, seeds, oils, stewed fruit, low fat diary products, decaffeinated drinks

Group 3: sea food, processed carbohydrates, concentrated sweeteners, oils rich in saturated fats, margarine, dough food, sweets, cakes

Group 4: red meat, yolks, fried foods, hot-dog, offal, butter, cream, tropical oil

The closer you are to Group 1 the more health benefits can you get from food. In case that you already eat healthy food, then you can make just some slight changes. On the other hand if you eat only foods from Group 4 you need to make bigger changes. Natural and not processed in any way foods are preferred. Forbidden foods are actually allowed in small quantity but the size of the serving should be monitored in a way that satisfies your needs but does not involve accumulating fats, calories or sugars.

About Nutrigenomics

One of the principles of the Spectrum diet is nutrigenomics which is a developing science on how food interacts with genes and reflects on our health. Each of us has a unique set of genes that react in a specific way to environment and food ingredients. For example some people can eat whatever they want without putting on weight while others need to be much more careful.

That’s why if for instance you try a low fat diet there will be no effect but the low carbohydrate diet to be the perfect one for you. That way through the choice of the right and healthy food you can redirect your genes towards better health. Even if you are predisposed to weight gain or Type 2 Diabetes that doesn’t mean that you need to put up with these conditions.

According to the author everything you do including the things you eat, your psychological activity and your emotions interact with your genes and the way they express themselves. Disease is the result of badly expressed genes.

Advantages of the diet:

* easy to achieve
* based on scientific research
* offers alternative solutions if certain type of food does not have any results

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