Diet Solutions to Help Lower Cholesterol

Heart Attack is the second most rampant disease in world, second only to cancer. In America alone, there have been 780,000 new cases in 2009. In the same year, 408,000 people experienced their second or third heart attack. All experts expect this number to continually rise if nothing is done to stop it.

The leading causes of heart attacks and heart disease are stress and a bad diet. Bad diet has contributed to the growth obesity cases in the United States. There are over 60 million cases of obesity among adults and over 9 million in children. Obesity cases continue to grow in the continental United States and this trend is crossing over to other countries and cultures as well. Obesity leads to high blood pressure which in turn contributes to heart disease and heart attacks.

New ways of dealing with this rising epidemic are coming out of the woodwork. Gastric Bypass is a means where people dealing with the disease can curb their desire to eat by limiting the capacity of food they can take in. Diet pills have also improved since they have come out and now offer lesser side effects. However, these do not solve the problem. They only alleviate the symptoms. The only true solution to this problem of heart disease is a life change which involves a better diet and a sound exercise plan.

One change that one can make is by eating out less. Home cooked food is healthier because you get to control what goes into it. One added benefit is that preparing your own meals also gives you savings.

Even if you prepare your meal on your own if you do not put in the right things, you will not get healthy. However, sometimes, it is not about what you put in but more about what you do not put in. Try to eliminate fatty items from the food you cook. Choose leaner cuts of meat. Choose healthier oils like vegetable oil and olive oil instead of butter and Crisco.

Removing fatty foods is only the first step. It is also important to add in healthy items to your diet as well. Garlic is a food item that has been proven to lower blood pressure. Garlic is not only good for you, it tastes good as well. Lemongrass is also an herb that works well in lowering cholesterol.

Vegetables are also important in a healthy diet because it is jam packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of fiber which in turn helps the digestive system process food better. Studies show that a good digestive system allows for better absorption of nutrients as well as a better excretion of waste and toxins.

Food Supplements and other over the counter drugs can help a person get the necessary nutrients they are missing. There are also alternative drugs that lower cholesterol and in the process guard against heart disease and heart attacks.

Heart disease is a serious concern, especially with a growing number of cases around the world. The disease does not choose who to affect but it often happens to people with families. What happens to these families when their loved one is taken suddenly?

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