Some Ideas For Making Low-Calorie Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

An alternative to purchasing many low-fat or no fat commercial snacks from your local supermarket is to make homemade smoothies. Homemade smoothies are not at all difficult to make. Healthy smoothies for weight loss can be made using pretty much any kind of frozen fruit, low or no fat plain yogurt and small amount of honey (this is optional). Some people also add ice cubes to their smoothie, this is again optional.

The first step in making healthy smoothies for weight loss is to purchase a blender. Blenders are not at all expensive, although the exact cost will depend on what particular model you purchase. Be sure the blender you purchase is good quality and that it can blend ice or frozen cubes of fruit. Not all blenders can blend ice; in fact, many blenders break if you try to blend ice or frozen foods too often. It is important to ensure the blender you purchase is sturdy and good quality.

Next, choose fruits that you like and would enjoy eating. Pretty much any type of fruit is suitable for making smoothies. You will then need to cut the fruit and store it in the freezer; an alternative to this is to freeze the plain yogurt instead. Do not freeze both ingredients, only one.

Slim smoothies are made by blending the fruit and yogurt together. How much fruit and yogurt is added to the smoothie depends on your tastes. Some people like more fruit, while others prefer less. Some people add less yogurt and more ice, while others do not add ice at all. Many people also add sweetener, although this is not really necessary and should actually be avoided. Most fruits are sweet enough on their own and a homemade smoothie does not really need sweetener added to it. If you feel the smoothie absolutely must have sweetener, then add a bit of honey, but be careful not to add too much.

Meal replacement lose weight smoothies can also be healthy, but it is important not to use smoothies to replace regular meals too often. Your body does need other forms of nourishment; cutting back too much on regular meals can actually cause the body metabolism to slow and prevent weight loss instead of helping it. However, replacing a breakfast or lunch with a homemade smoothie can be a good idea from time to time.

Avocado smoothies are good meal replacement smoothies. Avocados, while usually considered a vegetable, are actually a fruit, and they are full of vitamins and minerals that are very good for your body. Avocado smoothies will usually need a bit of sweetener, as avocado is not as sweet as most other fruits; however, be careful not to add too much sweetener to the smoothie. Papayas are another particularly healthy fruit and can also make good meal replacement smoothies.

Healthy smoothies for weight loss are delicious and feel more like a treat than a low-calorie snack! Making smoothies at home is so easy if you have a smoothie maker and they are inexpensive too. So why not indulge your taste buds today and make yourself a yummy low-calorie smoothie?

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