Juicing Wheat Grass at Home

I’m going to start this article with a statement that might surprise some people: a hand powered juicer is by far the best option when it comes to juicing wheat grass. Why would I say this? Surely, with so many excellent electric juicers on the market using a hand powered juicer is old-fashioned, difficult or slow. The truth is, in fact, that a hand juicer can be faster and easier to use than an electric one – and it can save you quite a lot of money as well!

As you may be aware, wheat grass juice has become immensely popular in the last years as a detox tonic. Many people report significant weight loss benefits, as well as general health improvements after drinking the juice for a period of several weeks. It really is the ultimate natural antioxidant and nutrient shot.

Commonly, the juice is drunk in shots of 30 mL. This is only a very small amount, and is the first reason why a manual juicer is the best way to make this juice at home. It only takes about two minutes to make this kind of quantity by hand, and it really isn’t very hard. Sure, an electric juicer might be able to make the same amount in half this time, but why bother? An electric juicer is larger and more complicated to clean, and will invariably take you longer to disassemble, wash, dry, reassembled and put away again. This is not to mention the inevitable tangle of power cords in the kitchen!

Then let’s consider the purchase cost of a hand juicer compare to electric one. A good quality stainless steel hand juicer can be bought for approximately $40, while an electric juicer capable of handling the grass (and not all juicers can – you generally need specialised one) will easily cost upwards of $150. This is clearly a significant cost saving, and as mentioned above you are in fact getting a more effective tool.

So if you are seriously considering adding wheat grass juice to your detox, or weight loss diet, make the smart choice – buy a manual juicer machine instead of an electric one. In addition to the above points, a hand juicer is likely to be a very long-term investment, that you will not break down or wear out and you will still be using in five years or even 10 years time.

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