Business 1st Impressions Matter

For any company, the first impression is important relative to new and unfamiliar prospects. Existing clients can overlook the shoddy details of your dangling business sign, but the new prospect will see a different message than perhaps what you’re trying to project.

Business signs are a good example. Try embellishing your sign’s bland title with interesting graphics. Or you can go all-out with a full-size billboard or two. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say; you never know how many potential customers just keep on driving because they just don’t know where you are. But it’s not the billboard…it’s the message that impresses.

Of course, a sign is hardly the only method of reaching the public. A logo by definition should be memorable. It it designed to imprint on the potential prospects mind an idea about your business. Such things are not limited to signs; you can put them on t-shirts and other promotional gifts that your company might give out at events. Your business first impression is mostly psychological. The prospect has an emotional impression of who you are before you ever meet him to discuss your business details.

Consider the Mercedes logo or the McDonalds “M” – how many countless folks know immediately what those symbols represent? Such a high level of brand recognition is probably out of reach for many business owners, but even if your logos never leave their hometown, they’ll still be of great use.

If you’re wondering just how to spread your logos around the community, don’t underestimate the potential of the internet and local inexpensive media. For some members of the younger set, if it’s not on the internet it may as well not exist. The coffee shop flyers get passed around every shop and bookstore in town. There will be countless ways to present your 1st impression. Don’t miss out on the advantages of technology – get on that computer and make a business profile on every networking site you can name. LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace are all good places to start. You can start with just a handful of friends and colleagues and quickly gain a huge following. If your business profile is half done on LinkedIn, what kind of first impression does that leave. Take 10 minutes and fix it!

Of course, when a prospect finds your business, the first thing they’ll process is your signage. Signs are important. The direct prospect to your door literally, they tell them more about your business than just what you do. For those on the beaten path including shops and eating establishments, signage is crucial. Would you be so quick to stop at a place with run-down, unattractive signs if you knew nothing else about the establishment? Business signs lend an air of professionalism to any sort of endeavor. Make sure your sign delivers a good first impression.

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