Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are used for a variety of reasons. Businesses use them large or small sizes as temporary identifiers and promotional products. They also make a long-lasting commemorative for individuals and organizations hosting events. The message is put on a piece of magnetic material through vinyl lettering or special printing techniques and attached to any metallic surface. Metal signs can be affixed to standard magnetic material for quick and temporary adhesion. Magnetic signs can be designed and ordered from an online company. They are either shipped or picked up, depending on the consumer’s location. Some magnets are ready to apply to a metal surface, while others need to be cut out from sheets before using.

  • Vehicles
  • One of the most popular applications for magnetic signs is for vehicles. The business can put their name, logo, address and telephone number on the magnet sign for identification purposes. The sign is then placed on the side of the vehicle. It can be left there for months, or put on and taken off whenever it is needed. This prevents companies from having to paint a vehicle, which is expensive and essentially permanent. Vinyl lettering is semi-permanent and may be difficult to remove. Attaching a sign to a vehicle’s roof is another alternative to advertising the company information, but it often damages the paint and may scratch or dent the vehicle.

    Magnetic vehicle identifiers can be used by several different people in the same company. They are simply kept in one location, taken when needed and returned upon completion of the client visit. This is helpful for sales staff who make calls in their personal vehicles on company time that do not have access to a company vehicle. Magnetic vehicle signs are placed on the driver’s side and/or passenger door and do not cause paint or body damage. They are also ideal for those making deliveries to military bases or contractors that require all vehicles entering the premises to have a corporate designation on the side for high security reasons.

  • Temporary Signs
  • During the renovation or construction phase of a business, entrances and exits are sometimes moved or redirected. It is important to let people know where to go or which door to use. This can be challenging when there is nowhere to install them in the ground or against a wall. Metal doors are the ideal position for temporary magnet signs, whether they are needed for a few hours to redirect visitors or for several months while an area is too dangerous for foot traffic. Temporary signage might warn people they need a hard hat in a construction zone or that hours have been temporarily changed due to workmen in the area. They can be removed when the work is complete.

  • Refrigerators
  • Refrigerator magnets are one of the oldest means of publicizing or commemorating an event. They are used for spirit, novelty and promotion. School and team names and mascots can be emblazoned on them. Silly sayings or participation in events can be touted and stuck on the refrigerators. These novelties are useful for holding children’s artwork, family photos, reminders and notable paperwork. Flyers for upcoming events can be attached to the refrigerator beforehand and later removed and replaced by something else after that calendar date has passed. Some people like to put magnets on their refrigerators as decorations, not holding up anything at all. They turn a plain white appliance into a focal point of activities and fun. Collecting souvenirs from different vacation destinations and sports teams is also a popular pastime that attracts magnets to refrigerators.

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