Celebrities who have had tummy tucks

Tummy tucks, medically known as abdominoplasty, can be the best method for restoring a flat, smooth and toned appearance to stomachs that have lost their shape, particularly following weight fluctuation or pregnancy.

Like many cosmetic surgery treatments, tummy tucks have a growing and vocal following in the form of high-profile celebrities who have had the procedure themselves, and are now providing inspiration to people worldwide looking for a way to get rid of loose and sagging skin from their midriff.

Pregnancy is a common reason for women to undergo tummy tucks, seeking to restore the great bodies they had worked so hard for prior to giving birth. Among the best known proponents of tummy tucks who had the surgery as a ‘mommy makeover’ are actress Patricia Heaton, who also had a breast reduction to restore the former size of her bust before pregnancy, and Shar Jackson, who combined tummy tucks with a breast uplift to restore her bikini body after giving birth to four children.

Celebrities are not always so open about their cosmetic surgery treatments, of course – and why should they be? – but in many cases, even if they have not gone on record to reveal they’ve had a tummy tuck, their new figures speak for themselves. This can be particularly evident when stars shed the pounds without leaving tell-tale sagging skin behind, such as talk show host Ricki Lake and the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Star Jones is another celebrity reported to have had a tummy tuck following substantial weight loss, and is also rumoured to have had other treatments, such as a breast lift, to achieve her new figure. Many women who undergo fat removal procedures such as liposuction choose to combine the treatment with a tummy tuck to ensure they are happy with their results, and can also opt for a thigh lift and buttock lift to improve their whole waistline.

Finally, there are always some celebrities who are criticised for their over-reliance on surgery, though it has to be said that tummy tucks tend to be among the least outwardly obvious enhancements a woman can make. Sharon Osbourne has become a notorious example in recent years, seemingly not content with many aspects of her appearance and having numerous procedures to both her face and body. Sharon has said she will not be getting any more treatments in the future, acting as a reminder that cosmetic surgery can be the ideal solution for many people looking to improve areas of their bodies they are not happy with – as long as they’re sure it’s the right decision.

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