Monroe’s bookshelf

Recently, Farrar, Straus and Giroux published The Collected Works of Marilyn Monroe “debris” (Fragments), including her book, “poetry, intimacy and trust note Pieces “, and referred to a number of Monroe read the book. It read,” fragments “of the literary editor, said:” The book contains an unprecedented scale Monroe various handwritten text, never before Published, and with a rare intimate photos. Some of these words from the notebook of few words, some printed on paper, some letterhead from the hotel, they form onroe is a ruthless analysis of his life, but also very funny, very charming. “We can even read between the lines to recover some from the Monroe books on the shelves, of which Conrad Germany’s “spy,” Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary,” Beckett’s “the unknown”, Harold Flanders “Paris has no ideas,” Sherwood Anderson’s “town Deformed”

Dreiser’s “Sister Carrie”, Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms,” “The Sun Also Rises,” John Steinbeck’s “potato cakApartment”, “There was a war” , Kerouac’s “On the Road,” Camus’s “Fallen”, Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man.” I do not know Monroe’s reading and good taste, or did not have a lot of garbage today’s Rubbish book?

Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize, once again led the Western world philological concerns.

Earlier classic culture at the new company came one million gamble

U.S. purchase of Garcia Marquez “Hundred Years of Solitude,” the Chinese rights, the recent Spanish “El Pais” (El Pa ?s) has reported another message, the West’s most powerful academic language

Seth Barr super agent Carmen (Carmen Balcells) because of advanced age, successors, trying to use million euros literary agency to sell its 49% stake, but to Today nobody cares. Carmen virtually every aspect of the brokerage firm of Spain’s top literature and Latin American literary figures, in addition to Marquez, Llosa, there Cortazar, Fuentes, etc. name Home. News about the publishing industry in China and smooth enough, or no one knows its cost a million dollars to buy a book, and to spend five hundred thousand euros wiped more cost-effective.

In Jane Austen’s masterpieces to be zombies, sea monsters one by one spoof, the Russian people have become victims of the works of Chekhov. “New Yorker” editor of the Greenman (Ben Greenman) published a “celebrity Chekhov” (Celebrity Chekhov), Chekhov’s text with today’s mix of celebrity, which stars Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is mother Di Na Luo Han ordered the whipping of the meal in the plot. According to “Daily News” reported: “Greenman that allows Chekhov about love, loss and rebirth of pride in the theater the best way is through Americans obsession with fame. Is a fictional celebrity itself is not it? And Greenman also noted that the celebrity face of Chekhov characters described by the ’same pressure’ – many lease blame

Husband is the novel treatment of the boundaries of public and private sector issues. “Quirk Books published before the book through” Pride and Prejudice “,” emotion and reason and the Sea Monsters “

Austin, books and other spoof big success, and now they began to meddle in other literary classics, including the famous spoof of Tolstoy’s “Robot Karenina”, then there ”

Trek Night Live “(Night of the Living Trekkies), stresses that” in ‘Star Trek’ fans the General Assembly, the hell wide open, so the ‘Galaxy Exploration’ meet

The ‘Night of the Living Dead’. “

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