Creative Gift Ideas for Clients and Customers

It’s not just that you want to show your clients that you care about them; you need to show your clients that you care about them – especially if you wish to keep them as clients. As such, what better way to show your clients that you care than by giving a holiday gift?

What you don’t want to do for a client gift is give something to them that’s really about you. For example, don’t give a cheap, cheesy calendar fridge magnet prominently featuring your face and phone number. That’s not a holiday gift; that’s marketing. Instead, give your clients something good – something they’ll appreciate, something that won’t wind up in the garbage the minute after they open it.

Here are some unique gift ideas for clients to get you going.

1. Hand-written note with a gift certificate or gift card.

Give each of your clients a hand-written note along with a gift card, but make it special by giving different gift cards to different clients. For example, if you know a client is an avid reader, give a $10 gift card to a bookstore. If you know another client loves to work out at a certain gym, give them a month’s gift certificate to the gym. Personalizing your gift in this way shows your client that you pay attention to what’s important to them.

2. Of-the-month subscription.

Along the same lines, of-the-month clubs provide a great way to give a personalized and unique gift. If your client is a foodie, give them a subscription to receive a different bottle of gourmet olive oil every month. If they adore their dog, a dog toy-of-the-month subscription will tickle them pink. Best yet, because the of-the-month subscription is usually a minimum of at least three months, your client will be reminded of your generosity long after the holiday season is over.

3. Give to your client’s favorite charity.

You might know that your client is passionate about saving animals, protecting the environment, or supporting cancer research. Another great way to impress your client is to give to a charity in their name. Not only will your client appreciate the gesture, you will feel great about supporting a good cause.

4. Event tickets.

What you give doesn’t have to be an item; you can also give an experience. Send your client to a concert by his or her favorite musician or type of music. If your client loves the arts, give two tickets to a show at a local theater or an art museum opening.

5. Send me the bill.

Finally, you can offer your client a service they will really appreciate, such as hiring a personal chef to go to their home and cook their family a gourmet meal, hiring a maid who will clean their house for a month or a year, hiring a massage therapist who will give a one-hour massage at their house, or a similar service that you know your client will love. You can tell the person you hire to send you the bill, or if you want to make it less expensive for yourself, see if they will barter with you, trading your services for theirs.

Client gifts don’t need to be the same old boring box of chocolates you give every year. With a little creativity, you can offer something to your clients that they’ll remember for years to come – which means they will also remember you.

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