Retractable Banner Stands And Pop Up Displays Explained

There are many reasons to choose a highly portable exhibit. Whether it’s to minimize set up time, maximize easy travel, or simply save money, pop up displays and retractable banner stands can be a great solution. They are all very similar, and share one key requirement: to be really successful, they have to be very well designed.

Building A Great Banner Stand Starts With A Concept

By their very design, portable exhibits tend to minimize space. They are meant to be easily carried, and you don’t need to be carrying around more than is necessary for a strong showing. To make the most of this smaller space, you’ll need to have a much more finely honed message than would be required for a traditional exhibit. The smaller your pop up displays are, the more honed your message needs to be, but even the largest portable exhibits still require a carefully crafted message.

The message will be the guiding force for the rest of your design. It will be the theme around which everything else flows, so it needs to be strong and dynamic. For example, if you are a pharmaceutical company premiering a new prescription, your message might be “this pill can save your life.” Simple, to the point, and quite catching — that’s the goal of a portable exhibit.

Use Photos Wisely

One of the most common mistakes made on pop up displays is the incorrect usage of text and photos. Ideally, the exhibit will have a good balance of both. Yet in many cases, companies will overload their visitors with a wall of text, leaving few pictures to catch the eye of passerby. Although you may feel that text communicates more effectively with people who read it, it’s images that will drive traffic to your booth.

When you’ve got limited room on a banner stand, this is even more important. You need to ensure that the text doesn’t overwhelm the small space, and that the overall layout emphasizes visual interest. Bright colors and vibrant photography help bring your space to life, and they’ll help draw more traffic.

Considering Updates To Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays and banner stands share very similar design considerations, but differ sharply when it comes to updating their content. Some banner stands can actually have the banner swapped by simply changing a cartridge, while others can simply have a new banner printed and applied at setup. Pop ups have varying requirements: if using a hook and loop fabric, new images can be applied at will. However, for a printed fabric design, a little planning is required.. If you do need to update a printed fabric pop up, consider whether you could instead add something like a small banner stand, which might have the same positive effect.

A Combination Of Portable Exhibits Can Supplement A Traditional Booth

Depending on what industry you’re in, you might want to pick up on a new trend and forego the convention design ideas entirely. Some top companies are now favoring an exhibit without walls, built entirely around pop up displays and banner stands. These exhibits allow visitors to see inside and promote a much stronger sense of connection without ever entering the booth. Although these ideas hold promise for the future, only you can decide what’s best for your company in the present. Learn all you can, make an informed decision, and you’ll be on your way to a good experience.

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