Promote Your Business With Promotional Mugs

Mugs are fantastic promotional tools. They always have been and as long as we all continue to enjoy our coffee and tea breaks during the day, they always will be.

One question that is often asked about using promotional mugs is what are the best ways to use them to promote your business. Well grab yourself a beverage of your choice, sit back and let me tell you.

Promotional mugs can be used anywhere people are. This could be the office, train, home or outdoors. Finding the best mugs for your target audience is essential. You may find that one type of mug suits your marketing requirements just fine. Or you may want to consider several different types to personally target the different types of customers you have.

Mugs for Commuters

If you have customers or employees who spend a lot of time commuting or travelling, why not consider promotional travel mugs. These promotional products have been used for years in successful marketing campaigns. Think about it… How often do you see people travelling to work in the morning with a travel mug full of coffee? I rest my case.

Mugs for the Boardroom

Promotional coffee and tea cups are not just for your customers. They work perfectly well to build your brand on your own patch as well. Ensure you have a few dozen good quality earthenware or china mugs around the office for your employees and guests to use. Using promotional drink ware and other promotional items around the office looks professional and is certainly impressive.

How About the Annual Trade Show?

Nothing attracts visitors to your exhibition stand like free gifts. Promotional merchandise, especially products that have a high perceived value like coffee and tea cups make ideal attention grabbers. The more people you get to your stand the better chance you have of finding those new top customers.

Use them for Sponsored Outdoor Events

You know the school outings, charity runs and company picnics that so many of us participate in. Promotional plastic mugs are ideal for marketing to children and their families. You may even consider travel mugs or even other drinks containers for such events like plastic sports bottles.

Special Christmas and New Year Gifts

One thing about mugs is that they have a high perceived value. They are not cheap in retail outlets which makes them the perfect gift to show your appreciation to special customers. You could even consider asking your supplier to have them filled with Christmas sweets before packaging them in matching logo printed cartons.

With promotional mugs, the sky really is the limit!

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