Difficulty Getting Pregnant

Being a parent is a magical experience which every couple desires to have at some point or the other in their relationship. But for some women, this remains a dream as they find difficulty getting pregnant. This can be a very stressful and depressive situation which if not handled carefully can lead to disastrous consequences. The feeling of not being able to be a mother can lead to jealousy and other similar negative feelings making life a terrible deal.

Initially, you might be happy for others when they tell you of the arrival of a new baby in their house. Later on, it leads to resentment and jealousy often accompanied by the thought that what’s happening is not fair. Most women who find difficulty getting pregnant start to question religion and faith often wondering what did they do to deserve this punishment. But this is not the right way to deal with the unhappiness of not being able to conceive. Focusing your thoughts and actions in a more positive direction can not only help you accept the situation but also work out your options of being a mother.

Most women tend to set milestones when it comes to getting pregnant. But this is not the ideal thing to do; being a parent is a joint decision that should be taken by you and your partner when both are ready to commit to the next phase of life. Instead of setting deadlines or comparing with other couples, let nature take its course. Have intercourse when both of you are in the mood rather than do it as a chore for producing an offspring. Remember that all women are not created alike when you find difficulty getting pregnant. The key is to be patient and keep trying till your day comes.

The most dreaded thing for any woman having difficulty getting pregnant is to face is the endless questions posed by society. There will always be relatives and family get-togethers where you feel cornered with the question ‘So when is your turn?’ Avoid such gatherings if possible as they only tend to make you depressed. If you must attend, try keeping away from nosy relatives or take it all in a positive stride with a cheeky remark or two. Try dwelling on positive things in life; you could even try yoga or meditation which can help you immensely to achieve inner calm.

Remember difficulty getting pregnant if you are completely healthy is only a temporary phase; the wait will soon get over and you will be ready to hold a tiny tot in your arms.

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