Discover How to Become Pregnant With Acupuncture

Deciding to become pregnant through natural means is one of the best decisions you have ever made. So just how do infertility and acupuncture fit together? Are there any merits or truths to the claim that going to an acupuncturist can help you conceive? The good news is, it really can! In fact, studies have proven that women who approach infertility by having acupuncture sessions conceive at a much higher rate than women who don’t. The evidences are so conclusive that there are countless of infertility clinics today that encourage acupuncture treatments to women who choose to have assisted fertility procedures done.

Acupuncture originated from ancient Chinese wisdom. Their principles state that the body has energy running all throughout, whose energy run along lines they refer to as meridians. Blockage in the meridians can be the cause of weaknesses, sickness and yes, infertility. Acupuncturists painlessly insert small needles to these meridian points to aid in cleaning the blockages.

Now if you want to become pregnant soon, you may be wondering just how this impacts fertility. Here are the reasons:

1.This procedure has been getting a lot of attention in modern fertility research since it has been proven to benefit both men and women conceive. Men see a significant increase in their sperm counts while women get pregnant faster.

2.One of the biggest hindrances to conception is stress, and chronic stress (most especially stress about getting pregnant) is one of the greatest culprits of infertility. Acupuncture effectively stimulates the brain and encourages the release of certain substances, particularly endorphins. These endorphins make a person feel more relaxed, making your body more prepared to welcome conception.

3.Acupuncture effectively stimulates the body’s nervous system, allowing it to function optimally. As it removes blockages in your internal systems, your body can receive all the electrical, hormonal and chemical impulses that it needs for fertility and health. These bodily impulses and signals are essential for keeping your reproductive system in tip top shape.

4.Acupuncture also has the power to improve blood flow to the body, which includes your ovaries. An increased blood flow to the uterus allows for a nourishing and thick lining to build up, ready to welcome your baby.

5.If you have certain infertility imbalances which results to no or scanty periods, as well as very heavy or painful periods, acupuncture will help get your hormones in line by balancing your system.

So if you want to become pregnant, acupuncture is one of the most cost effective and viable means to improve your fertility and overall health.