Dog Clothing Measurements

It may seem a little crazy that pets have become so much a part of the family that we not only feed them, provide them shelter and cuddle them like little babies, but we also turn to providing them with adequate, comfortable, and perhaps stylish pet clothing. With this rising trend, we have come up with this article, which aims to give information on pet clothing measurements. Here, we will be discussing a step-by-step process on how to attain an exact measurement for dog clothes.

First, one must be very familiar with his or her pet-physically, its structure, build, and even the thickness and color of its hair; one should also know what makes his or her pet uncomfortable and how he wants to be held (whether tightly or loosely so that one would know if more allowance should be given to the measurement of their clothes).

To start getting your pet clothing measurements, one must make sure that the pet is in a standing position. Then with the use of a soft tape measure, start measuring from the base of the dog’s neck to the part where the tail begins-just at the start of the tail, not at the tip. This now becomes the length, one of the most essential measurements that one needs to take.

Next, you would not be able to complete the measurement for dog clothes without the neck measurement. Do this by placing the tape measure on the part where the collar would usually sit and measure all the way around. Lastly, to get the girth, which is most important in your pet clothing measurements, make sure that you measure the chest circumference, starting around the largest part of the chest, which is an inch or so behind the front legs.

Finally, study the size chart of the dog clothing you want to purchase. Match up your three measurements and go with the larger size. For example, if your dog measures small in the length, small in the neck but medium on the girth, go for the size medium. A small will do you no good if you can’t fasten the clothing around the chest. One must also remember that the measurements for pet clothes should not be taken hastily or inaccurately. One must have enough patience to wrap these pets up with success and of course, style.