Eyebrow Transplant Increases Confidence

Eyebrow Transplant Increases Confidence

Eyebrows are an important facial elements defining and accentuating other facial features. Many times, due to medical conditions or other congenital defects, a person might lose some hair from their eyebrows. Losing eyebrows partially or completely can adversely impact the overall facial appearance. Why? Eyebrows play a crucial role in defining every facial expression and give meaning to many emotions a person experiences. There are number of surgical procedures available in the market that correct every form of physical defect and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a person. Getting an eyebrow transplant is a safe and easy procedures used to fill in your eyebrows where there may have been over plucking or genetic hair loss. Eyebrow surgery is a common cosmetic procedure and can be completed in a quick afternoon.

One of the common factors contributing to hair loss in the eyebrow region is over plucking. Repeated plucking of eyebrow hair over a period of time affects the hair follicles and reduces the growth of hair. Once the follicles are damaged, medical treatment is necessary to correct the condition. Some of the common factors contributing to the uneven eyebrow condition are skin conditions, scarring, burns, ageing, genetic birth defects, etc. Many people are suffering from low self-esteem issues due to uneven eyebrow shapes. Eyebrow transplant comes as a great relief to many. It is a simple procedure that involves lesser amount of risk and helps retain the natural shape of the eyebrow.

There are many health care centers that offer free consultation on eyebrow transplant. The surgeon will perform a detailed evaluation of an individual’s case and accordingly provide suggestions on hair transplant techniques and procedures. Eyebrow transplant is a simple procedure and it takes just 2 to 3 hours for completion. The recovery period is short and does not leave behind any scars. After the procedure there will be visible tiny crust that falls off within 10 to 15 days. There will be visible redness in that spot which will fade away after some time. The new eyebrow will give the person a completely natural appearance. It tends to grow faster and longer; hence, regular trimming is required. A person who wants to undergo the procedure should verify the credibility and experience of the surgeon.

There are numerous online websites that provide detailed information required for eyebrow transplant procedure. This transplant method is fairly affordable and does not involve many complications. There are a number of financing options to choose from like completion of the payment with monthly easy installment options. Not just women, but even men experience the loss of hair in the eyebrow region. Men generally have slightly thicker hair in their eyebrow region than women. Hence, men at times have to undergo specific and more intense surgical procedures. With the advancement in medical technology, there are a number of micro follicular transplantations that helps in reshaping and correcting the defective shape of the eyebrow. The surgical procedure is simple and provides superior results.