Mens Hair Loss Solutions

Clinical studies show that the majority of mens hair loss is actually due to a hormonal imbalance brought on by numerous possibilities. Some major causes of hormonal imbalances in men include stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, heavy medicine use and a reaction to environmental toxins. Because genetics only plays a small part of advancing baldness, most mens hair loss is reversible if treated in time.

Saw palmetto helps inhibit the production of DHT. Green tea can also prevent hair loss in people who have androgenic alopecia. The tea contains compounds which prevent testosterone from being converted into DHT. Green tea can benefit your hair if you drink it. You can also apply it directly to your scalp.

Vitamin B helps the body produce protein to nourish the strands. It also helps the strands maintain their cellular structure.

Vitamin B plays an important role in preventing baldness in women. It helps the body produce the right amount of protein to nourish the strands. It also helps the cells within the strands maintain their structure.

Vitamin B is found in potatoes, wheat germ, liver, eggs, and brewer’s yeast. Tulsi is used as the effective measure for hair loss and it is considered as one of the essential ingredients of herbal hair loss treatment. It is extensively used for protecting hair from falling and early graying. Tulsi seed in combination with castor oil is a useful remedy for hair lice. It also helps making the hair root stronger, thus reducing hair fall.

A good conditioner can stimulate natural hair regrowth. You can make one out of shikaki powder, alma, and curd. Mix the three ingredients together until they have the desired texture. This natural conditioner will strengthen the strands and give them a nice silky texture. Vitamin deficiencies are common in men and women who have thinning hair. A lack of vitamin B in particular can cause thinning hair. This vitamin is needed in order for the strands to maintain their structure. Home remedies for hair loss which can vitamin B to the strands include multi-vitamins and eggs. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and then apply a raw egg to your damp strands. Let it stay on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to treat hair loss is to maintain a healthy diet. Your hair is a direct indication of your overall health. If you are healthy and are getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals, you are more likely going to be able to maintain a healthy and full head of hair.