Is A Female Hair Transplant For You?

Losing one’s hair is not a nice thing, especially for a woman. There is so much stress in the world to be beautiful and to have nice hair, and when the hair is falling out, the self esteem can take quite a knock. Female hair transplant is a new thing that has just been launched in recent times, and a lot of women who are experiencing thinning hair let out a sigh of relief that at least now there is something that can be done about the hair that they are losing.
In the past, women had to rely only on wigs to hide the fact that their hair is falling out. Hair styles had to be carefully manipulated to hide the ranks with out hair. products that were claiming that they can slow down hair loss knowledgeable huge profits as more women were battling to hang on to their hair, and those that were claiming to restore the hair were also given a chance.

And now, women can opt for doing a feminine hair transplant. Now women have the option of restoring their hair with this procedure and there is an air of excitement.

The feminine hair transplant is not a complicated procedure, all that is required is that the surgeon implants healthy thriving hair follicles to your head in which you are losing the hair. The hair transplanted can be from your own head or it can be that of a donor.

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female hair transplant and you

To make the transplant a success, you need to get hair that has healthy progress, in any other case if thin hair is transplanted, it will also be thin and unattractive. Also, you have to pick the right surgeon to do the job. Surgeons who know how to do the transplant properly will have a successful transplant performed, and the hair that they transplant will thrive beautifully.

It is also important to know that not all women who are losing their hair will be able to qualify for a feminine hair transplant. There are factors that the surgeon has to think about earlier than he gives the go ahead that someone qualifies for the transplant. The woman’s hair follicles and the quality of the hair will be analyzed to decide their quality. Also, her epidermis will also come under scrutiny to decide if she qualifies to have the procedure or not. Those are the determining factors for the surgeon to think about ahead of he agrees to perform this procedure.

The feminine hair transplant is a great option for women to have. A lot of women might have the desire to do this procedure, but even if they qualify, it is out of reach for a lot of women. It is costly, with the price tag ranging from two thousand rand to $150 000. If more transplants are needed because the one that was done ahead of was not successful, this has a high cost implication, and the cost can get up to $150 000 and even more. For this explanation, it is out for reach for a lot of women.

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