Hair Loss? It Starts In The Belly

Everyone knows we all live in a hyped up, busy-busy world these days when we hardly have time to catch our breath and don’t take enough rest or exercise, and miss meals but that’s not good for anyone, is it?

Skipping meals, eating on the go, living on fast food? What good does that do? It’s little wonder that the health and functions of our bodies suffer as a consequence.

Do you realise that having a healthy diet is one of the easiest routes to avoid baldness and get back to a healthy head of hair?

That might sound like an over simplification but it’s a proven fact. Of course it’s not the only reason for thinning hair but it’s one of the easiest changes you can make to give the quickest improvements to condition and appearance in the quickest time. A healthier diet will boost your general levels of health at the same time too; double benefits!

Unbelievably True – Good Diet makes Big Impact!

Eat certain types of natural and organic food stuffs and you can expect to see major benefits to health and hair in just weeks, not bad for changing what you eat is it?

Go for fresh fruit and vegetables and be sure to take in as many different varieties and colours as possible -This is known as ‘eating the rainbow’ and all it means is that instead of just having your normal favourites, expand your selections and experiment with imported fruits, seasonal vegetables and anything else you wouldn’t normally have as part of your daily intake.

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Be Sure of This!

• If you don’t eat all the right type of stuff you’re under-nourishing your hair – And that’s one of the first steps to losing it, okay?

• But eat the RIGHT food stuffs and you’re on the right way to re growing your hair -FAST

Which one would you choose?

But it’s not only what food you eat – Start to take vitamin supplements as well. There are some vitamins that are proven without doubt to stop hair fall.. And there are others that without doubt positively encourage new growth too!

Go With Caution

You need to know which foods benefit and which ones don’t; you also need to know which supplements have a positive effect rather than a negative one too. But never guesstimate! Carefully research what levels of dosages you require otherwise it could be a case of doing more harm than good.

Learning about a new diet and what foods and supplements to take to get the most beneficial effects for your hair condition could be the simplest way to nail down your hair loss problem, without too much trouble to your daily routine too.

As simple as it sounds, a change of diet could be all it takes to go from hair loss to hair re growth.. And quicker than you may think possible.

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